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Publishing meet info to OSI Calendar

If you want to have your meet info and Hy-tek events file published on the OSI Calendar please submit them  here.

After your meet please submit a Hy-tek results file here that will be published to SWIMS and posted on the OSI calendar. If you would like to have a pdf of your meet results on the OSI calendar submit those at the same time.

Verification of entries

from the OSI Policies and Procedures:
Article IX - Conducting a Meet
Section III
1. Invitational or Open meets – Seven (7) days prior to the meet start date, the host team is required to submit a back - up of the meet to the OSI office to verify all athletes are registered with USA Swimming.
2. Dual meets – Three (3) days prior to the meet start date, the host team is required to submit a back - up of the meet to the OSI office to verify all athletes are registered with USA Swimming.
3. Teams that have entered athletes, or athletes entering alone, that are not registered will be notified and have until 24 hours prior to the start of the meet to comply with the registration requirements. Athletes that are not registered 24 hours prior to the start of the meet will not be allowed to participate in the meet and no fees will be refunded.
4. If the host team does not submit a back-up to the OSI office prior to the meet and unregistered athletes are on record as participating in the meet the host team shall be fined $50 per offense and the offending club/athlete shall be fined $100 per swim.
5. Coaches/Teams entering swimmers with disabilities that require accommodations shall notify the Meet Director in writing prior to the entry deadline.

Meet Bids

2019 OSI Championship Meets

For the clubs interested, the applications for all 2019 Championship meets are due to the Oregon Swimming Office by April 30th. Applications can be mailed to Oregon Swimming 12655 SW Center St, Suite 330, Beaverton, OR 97005 or scanned and e-mailed to Debbie@oregonswimming.org / cc: coachmmartins@gmail.com

Please see the dates for the championship meets below plus a few important notes:

Short Course 10&Under Championships - February 16-17 2019
Short Course 11-14 Championships - February 21-24, 2019
Short Course Senior Championships - Feb. 28-Mar. 3, 2019
10&Under Summer Championships - July 13-14, 2019
Long Course 11&Over Championships - July 25-28, 2019

2018-19 short course, 2019 long course

We are starting our meet bidding process for 2019. This year we will align our meet bidding process with our swim calendar (Sep-Aug) instead of the regular calendar year (Jan-Dec). You will be applying for the remaining of the 2018-2019 season. Since we already applied for meets from September to December of 2018 last bidding cycle, all you need to apply is for January-2019 to August-2019.
If you have questions please address them to our scheduling chair Murilo Marins at coachmmartins@gmail.com

Attached you will see our 2019 tentative schedule assuming that you will keep your meets on the same weekend than 2018. If that sounds right, all you need to do is use our simple OSI meet confirmation form by signing and listing the meets you need to confirm. If you need to change a date or apply for a brand new meet, please use the OSI meet application form.

All forms need to be returned to OSI by January 31st. If you fail to do that, your meet will not be posted on the meet schedule. If you request the addition of a meet after January 31st, you will be affected by our standing rule below:
“Any meet request not submitted prior to the deadline will incur a fifty dollar ($50) fine and must be approved by any club who has a meet on the OSI calendar on the same date(s) proposed, prior to a sanction being issued.”
For teams completing the application form to add a brand new meet, change date and/or location, please send a courtesy message to teams hosting meets on that same weekend.

Meet Forms

Meet financial reports   pdf     excel

Meet Evaluation Form

Meet Sanction Application

Counting sheets
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