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2020 OSI Official's Meetings

We are planning our annual meetings via Zoom this year.  The schedule for Saturday, Oct 3:

Please follow the links to sign up for these clinics on Oct 3rd.

We will also have the following clinics after Oct 3rd:

We will update the times and dates as the clinics get scheduled.  We are encouraging all officials to attend these clinics as refreshers.  Please email the presenter if you are able to attend, and pass this information out to other officials on your teams.

Thanks for your commitment to our Sport and to getting back on deck!  I am looking forward to seeing all of you on Oct 3rd via Zoom!  Julie

COVID Update for Officials
I hope that all of you are well and looking forward to being back on the pool deck!  We will keep you in the loop as we learn more...here are a few updates:
  • In person swimming events and activities are resuming following the state and local guidelines. 
  • Official's Training clinics will be becoming available online.
  • The USA Swimming Professional Documents have been updated....if you have time, look them over to help keep your officiating practices fresh in your mind.
Please don't hesitate to reach out to me or your Area Chair if you have any questions or concerns....I hope to see you on deck soon!  Julie 
Officiating Opportunities



USA Swimming Safe Sport - MAAPP

USA Swimming Safe Sport has come out with a new policy.  The Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy – MAAPP – is in effect.   Please review policy for details



Official of the Month

August 2020- Ricci Huling, Ricci is an official for TEAM Eugene a YMCA affiliated swim team. Ricci is a great up and coming asset to our official base, she always ready to step up and take on new task with a great attitude and a wiliness to learn. Her positive outlook and behavior is a great addition to any deck she is working on. During the championships meets she took on the CJ position not once but twice and worked in a professional manner. I am privileged to name her the YMCA official for Oregon Swimming as official of the month for August 2020. 

Jack Burnett – YMCA Officials Liaison

June 2020 - Amit Kumar, Starter and Referee Apprentice. Without fanfare and always willing to accept any assignment on deck, Amit has been a steady and quiet presence on deck for __ years and has helped train many novice Stroke & Turn officials. In recent years, he has served an important role for any club that hosts a lot of meets: Officials coordinator for Tualatin Hills Swim Club, making sure there are appropriate training opportunities available for new officials, and helping Meet Referees recruit staff for hosted meets. And even though he longer has a swimmer in the water, last year he made the commitment to train as a Referee. He had nearly completed his Referee training when COVID-19 brought competitive swimming to a halt. We look forward to welcoming Amit back to the deck and soon joining the ranks of Referees.

Tom Holt -  Officials Training Coordinator Co-Chair

May 2020 - Oregon Swimming OSI Official of the month for May 2020 is Bob Sommers with the Hillsboro Heat Swim Club.  Bob is a key part of Oregon Swimming serving as a Stroke & Turn official since 2017 where he has been a regular on the pool deck showing up for meets even when he doesn’t have a swimmer in the water.  In the 2019-2020 Short Course season he completed 28 sessions including 7 as a Stroke & Turn official for the 11-14 Age Group Championships.  We regularly utilize Bob as a trainer of new officials as he has a great understanding of the rule book and a calm way in which he trains new officials.  For those of you who have had the pleasure of working with Bob on deck you will quickly recognize him as someone who leads by example.  Bob is always willing to work wherever he is needed, he always has a smile and a great sense of humor blended perfectly with a high level of professionalism.  It is our honor to recognize Bob for all he has done and continues to do for our sport as the May official of the month.  Thank you, Bob, for all you do for OSI Officiating.

Darrell Geymann – Portland-Westside Officials Chair

April 2020 – Due to the COVID outbreak, this has been a very unusual time for our swimming community.  Most Officials are at home instead of spending weekends on deck at swim meets. That being said, I would like to honor Bob Heymann as the April 2020 Official of The Month. Not only for his on-deck officiating (there was none), but for his devotion to the Lake Oswego pool campaign. 

Bob, along with his wife Carolyn, have spent this past year ensuring that a new competition swimming pool will be built in Lake Oswego. They have spent hundreds of hours working with the school district and the city to make sure that the funding that the voters have approved of will go to a pool as specified.  Thanks to the hard work of the Heymann’s, Lake Oswego will have a new pool, hopefully 50 meters! 

We also cannot ignore Bob’s great work on deck over many years.

So, with this in mind I am nominating Bob Heymann for the April official of the month. 

Joe Dahl - North Willamette Valley Officials Chair

March 2020 - It is my absolute pleasure to announce March Officials of the Month, Patrick and Sonya Huskey with MHA. Patrick and Sonya are a husband and wife officiating team; Sonya commits to a meet and just like that there are two Huskey’s on deck. It is such a pleasure to work with them, Sonya’s kind demeanor and Patrick’s quick wit make them a welcome addition to any deck. I can remember a meet that was extremely short staffed, 5 deck officials for the am session. Patrick and Sonya heard about the staffing challenges and came the next morning to help, no swimmer in that session. Come to find out it was their son’s birthday; a little officiating before the birthday party. A testament to the type of officials they are and the support they provide our officiating community.  They both are great examples of what it means to be an official, supporting their swimmer, club, and LSC. Patrick and Sonya Thank You for being a part of our officiating community, I look forward to working many more meets with you both! See you on deck soon!!!

Judi J Creech -  Portland-Eastside Officials Chair

February 2020 - Mike Ahten is focused on the swimmers and their success.  It drives him in everything that he does whether it is providing training for officials for his team or other teams in the Eugene area or stepping up and helping with additional meets to make sure that the swimmers are supported.   Mike swims Master's swimming with Emerald Aquatics.  He has been the the Official's Coordinator and for the last 2 years the team president for TEAM.  Mike has continued to grow his contribution through being a Meet Referee over the last 2 years.  Please if you see Mike on deck congratulate him.

Bill Shreeve - Eugene/Springfield Officials Chair

January 2020 - When looking at Officials who are outstanding contributors to the sport of swimming, one needs to look no further than the January 2020 OSI Official of the Month, Pat Allender.  His dedication to swimming started early, as a swimmer, and as an accomplished Breaststroker, Pat competed in college, and is a Masters Champion in the 100 Breaststroke.  Pat began as a Stroke and Turn Judge in 1995, and his commitment as a volunteer includes officiating for USA Swimming, Oregon Swimming, US Masters Swimming, Oregon High School Swimming, and beyond.  Pat exemplifies the qualities of superb officiating at all levels, including a trip to US Nationals.  As an AO, his work is unquestionably thorough, equitable, and relied upon for accuracy.  As a Trainer, Pat can be counted on for great communication, availability, a knowledge level that is masterful, along with a ready smile, and positive outlook.  Pat is a fabulous mentor who works many hours beyond those required during a swim meet, with anyone who has a need from Meet Referee’s, to Administrative Officials, including Meet Directors, Coaches and many others.  If you have a question about Admin, from the entry process, to how to build a meet in Hytek, with times verification, or how to format prelims/finals…etc.  Pat is the man to see.  The Administrative Team, AO’s and ET’s, are vital members of officiating, that are not as visible as the “Wet Deck” during a swim meet, so you may have to find Pat, upstairs, or behind some glass, to ask a question, or to offer congratulations on this recognition, but the search will be worth it!  The outstanding officiating found in Oregon Swimming is in part attributable to his mentorship!

Thank you, Pat, for your continued support of Oregon swimming!  

Sheila Lovell-Otterstrom – Mid Willamette Area Chair

Thanks to our Dedicated Officials
Gold Star Officials
These Oficials have served Oregon Swimming for 10 or more years!
  Years   Years    Years
Fran Hart 26 Stacie Holmstrom 15 David Galbraith 11
Norm Hart 26 Julia Murphy 15 Margaret Kincaid 11
Jacki Allender 24 Bill Shreeve 15 Debbie Laderoute 11
Pat Allender 24 Tina Strahan 15 Martha Pagel 11
Mark Rieniets 23 Keri Hanke 14 Michael Reed 11
Betty Ishii 21 Judy Miller 14 Rhonda Soule 11
Tom Ishii 21 Katrina Myers 14 Jared Wilson 11
Julie Carpenter 20 Alex Arizala 13 Lyn Buck 10
Dan Gipe 20 Margaret Cobb 13 Chris Engler 10
Andrew Guyler 20 Liam McMahon 13 Gracie Goddard 10
Jeff Gudman 19 Tony Ranno 13 Tom Holt 10
Joe Dahl 19 Otilia Sapienza 13 Amit Kumar 10
Kym Jacobson 18 Mike Simon 13 Richard Lindsay 10
Dan Rawding 18 Renee Webb 13 Sheila Lovell-Otterstrom 10
James Hayden 17 Walter Monk 12 Peggy Sue Luffred 10
Tom Smallwood 17 Debbie Arizala 12 Melinda Roy 10
Dave Twenge 17 Sandie Ashland 12 Rob Ryan 10
Hal Beamer 16 Nat Goforth 12 Darcy Smith 10
Ruth Fischer-Wright 16 Kristen Holbo 12 Anne Stansell 10
Bob Heymann 16 Kevin Holland 12 Aaron Tam 10
Cliff Lyons 16 Jack O'Shea 12 Bryan Watt 10
Reed Sloss 16 Stephanie Schultz 12 Florence Woodbury 10
Julie Greenaway 15 Patricia Furrer-Hatzikos 11 Jason Young 10
Silver Star Officials
These Officals have served Oregon Swimming  for 5-9 years!
  Years   Years   Years
Margie Zerr 9 Sean Cho 7 Kim Hay 6
Jeanette Armitage 9 Sidney Davidson 7 Wei Huang 6
Glen Champlin 9 John Fairbank 7 Mark Kim 6
Shao-Lee Chang 9 Hugh Genualdi 7 Manoj Kumar 6
Jim Corbeau 9 Barbara Halferty 7 Steven Lane 6
Shannon Corbeau 9 Craig Hehn 7 Kara Liechty 6
Gary Dalrymple 9 Kelli Kang 7 Ed Magee 6
Aimee Dhakhwa 9 Lynnette Konop 7 Denis Makarenko 6
Ray Jentges 9 Jenny Le 7 Yong-Joon Park 6
Vicki Krutzikowsky 9 Yasutaka Maruki 7 Nathaniel Price 6
Hsin-Ying Lin 9  Francis McKeen 7 Marcus Ray 6
Jeff Miller 9 Jeff Nason 7 Mike Shaw 6
Jenifer Mittelstadt 9 Sridhar Ramachandran 7 Elena Tsyvian 6
Tom Pierce 9 Alan Reitz 7 Johan Van de Groenendaal 6
Jennifer Smith 9 Stacey Rickman 7 Christian Wiedholz 6
Teresa Steinbock 9 Jeralee Salaets 7 Connie Wimmer-Greenslate 6
Lori Stevens 9 Jennie Scarborough 7 Leslie Witt 6
Joy Suppes 9 Alex Settle 7 Cindy Wornath 6
Ken Adams 8 Kyle Shaver 7 Hutch Hutchison 6
Mike Ahten 8 Tara Sloan 7 Liz Bruss 5
Stephen Bruss 8 David Soderquist 7 Sheri Clapp 5
Bryan Carroll 8 Pam Soderquist 7 Claudia Dicey 5
Joe DeRisio 8 Troy Tetsuka 7 Becky Dobler 5
Darrell Geymann 8 Mariecel Torres-Young 7 Dale Empey 5
Michelle Gould 8 Jason Tucker 7 Jonathan Flecker 5
Debby Haring 8 Christian Tujo 7 Owen Hammack 5
Karl Hegney 8 Shannon Watt 7 Amy Hussey 5
Pamela Hewitt 8 Karen Wright 7 Gabrielle Johnston 5
Aimee Hoefs 8 Joe Adrian 6 Robert Jokinen 5
Toni Kerr 8 Rebecca Blum 6 Mary Ann Kahler 5
David Larmouth 8 Jack Burnett 6 Paul Lucas 5
Karen Nguyen 8 Lee Cannon 6 Audrey Lungershausen 5
Will Noftsker 8 Jana Carroll 6 Lixin Malmros 5
Pam O'Shea 8 Kyounghee Choi 6 Craig Mitchell 5
Pete Perez 8 Tim Cook  6 Karen Oxman 5
Danita Ross 8 Judi Creech 6 Jacqueline Reeves 5
Tamara Secrist 8 Liz Cruthers 6 Lisa Sandoval 5
Steve Steiner 8 Christine Curtis 6 John Seitz 5
Traci Waddington 8 Angie Dankenbring 6 Arunarasu Somasundaram 5
Roy Yotsuuye 8 Melisse De La Mare 6 Evangeline Swift 5
Jocelyn Yu 8 Jason Fincher 6 John Thompson 5
Jason Barnes 7 Angelika Furtwangler 6 Ronghua Wang 5
Anicia Criscione  7 John Gunderson 6 Shauna Winder 5
Agata Zawierucha 7 Rachel Gunderson 6 Fei Xie 5
Matthew Beasley 7 David Hall 6    
Grover Blackburn 7 Juliann Harris 6    

2019 Special Olympics

2019 LC Senior Sectionals

2019 LC 10&U Championship


Foster Lakes Open Water Swim


News and Updates - Oct 2019
  • Sheila Lovell Otterstrom  has stepped up to be the a co-Area Chair for Mid-Willamette Valley.
  • Martha Pagel is the new Chair for Electronic Timing.
  • Concussion Training - As of January 1st - All officials are required to complete the concussion training course.  It continues to be an annual requirement for all Referees.
  • MAAPP – Congressional mandate from US Center for Safe Sport.  Please take time to read and understand the policy.
    • When hosting a meet – be proactive!  
      • Ensure that Athletes that are 18years & older are current in their APT.
      • Have your plan in place for Timers and Volunteers.
      • Have your bathroom / locker room situation figured out.
  • Oregon Swimming has adopted a new uniform.  We are replacing the blue bottoms and shoes with black bottoms, shoes & socks.  The white polo style shirt will remain the same.  As always, please review the meet information for any specifics on uniform.
  • Oregon Swimming will be hosting the 2020 All Star Meet January 4-5 in Hillsboro.  If you are available to officiate and for more details, please email Julie: jmcarpenter001@gmail.com 
  • USA Swimming has voted to ban tech suits for 12 & Under swimmers.  This takes effect in Sept of 2020.  Oregon Swimming adopted this ban in April of 2019. Per OSI Policy:
    • Tech suits are defined as any suit with bonded seams, Kinetic tape, or meshed seams.
    • 12 & Under athletes observed violating this rule will be disqualified.
    • The list of suits that will not be permitted will be updated on the OSI website as needed.
  • If you are interested in officiating at a National meet (and qualified), applications will be posted on the USA Swimming website 180 days before the event.  The applications will be pulled 120 days before the event, and they will select approximately 60 officials per meet. 
  • Please use current information from this website and USA Swimming for any training.
  • Dive Certification - If an athlete is not dive certified, they MUST start in the water.  If they are dive certified, they MAY start from the block, the side or in the water.
  • Block rules with relay starts - A swimmer must have at least part of one foot in contact with the starting platform in front of the adjustable back plate during a relay exchange.
  • When using backstroke ledges, at least one toe from each foot must be in contact with the wall.
  • DQ slips - make them clear and legible - fix clerical errors.
  • Deck changing & suit issues - get the coach involved.
  • No "I" in TEAM - Our purpose is to work together for the common good - every job at the meet is very important.  Accept any assignment as a Team Player!
  • Stick to the rule book and avoid rumors – use common sense and good judgment…and remember…the benefit of the doubt always goes to the swimmer!


Get to know Reed Sloss
Here is an article that was in the Bend Bulletin. Thanks for all that you do Reed!
Remembering John Haring

The Oregon Swimming Community is experiencing a great loss with the passing of John Haring on Feb 19, 2019.  John has been an official with Oregon Swimming for the past 10 years, a referee since 2013. He was the Area Officials Chair for the Portland Eastside region of OSI.  John served as the club president for the Canby Swim Club and was active as the official’s coordinator for many years.  John and his wife Debby have continued to support our community even after their children no longer participated.  

John was passionate about finding and training new officials for his club and OSI.  He was an exceptional mentor for our officials. Many of the officials that you see on the pool deck received training and mentoring from John over the years. His work has created a solid foundation from which we operate today.  

As a Referee John was well known for serving our athletes. He was always compassionate and supportive. He would do whatever he could to give every athlete a chance to complete and do their best.  John always ensured that all athletes were treated with respect and fairness.  His laughter and passion for our sport will be greatly missed and we are blessed to have had John serve Oregon Swimming for so many years. 

In lieu of flowers to honor John's commitment to youth swimming, anyone wishing to do something in his name, donate to: Canby Swim Club-The Gators P.O. Box 21 Canby, Oregon 97013. Please note that the donation is in memory of John Haring to be used for scholarships, and is tax deductable.

Remembering JoAnne Wisniewski

Oregon Swimming is saddened by the loss of long-time official JoAnne Wisniewski.  JoAnne passed away peacefully on Dec 29, 2018.  JoAnne served our community as certified official for 22 years. She was a great mentor and friend and a joy to be around.  She played a key – and patient – role in training hundreds of officials over the years. She had a great attitude, big heart and warm smile.  She will be greatly missed!