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All Stars/Western Zones

2020 All Stars Western Zone

Hillsboro, Oregon
Jan 4-5, 2020
2020 Western Zone Age Group Championships
Gresham, Oregon
August 5-8, 2020

2019 Western Zone Age Group Championships

Mt. Hood Community College
August 6-10,  2019
11-12 Girls 
Denise Croucher, Coach
11-12 Boys
Tristan Briggs, Coach
Emma America
Kayla Chapman
Maeve DeYoung
Lili Haldeman
Kamryn Meskill
Olivia Powell
Cassidy Schneider
Kunzang Sharchitsang
Emily Silldorff
Annemarie Vlaic
Ronald Abbott
James Crawford
Aaron Goswitz
Steven Empey
Cedric Huang
Aidan Johnson
Seohyun Kim
Owen Robertson
Nate Steiner
Sang Van
Tenzin Wangpo
13-14 Girls
Sophia Stone-Holmbeck, Coach
13-14 Boys 
Bryan Butcher, Coach
Annette Chang
Vivi Criscione
Dylan Gustaff
Clara Husaby
Helena Jones
Lauren Larsen
Stephanie Lee
Ellie Leeming
Riley Maher
Sophie Roemmich
Katie Rumsey
Julie Schwam
Claire Sheerin
Dalton Sickon
Adrienne Tam
Chloe Tyler
Kinley Wigle
Lexi Williams
Sydney Wilson
Alice Yueh
Duc Bui
Brandon Cheng
Matthew Edwards
Tyson Elliott
Sammy Empey
Asa Frisbee
Ben Glasser
Andrew Hanson
Andrew Ignatescu
Mason Leach
Benjamin Mitchell
Makalu Ostrom
Steven Peng
Frankie Sanger
Aaron Tran
Akira van de Groenendall
Kian Warnock
Alex Wendler
Derek Wu
Congratulations to the Oregon Zones Team on their 6th place finish in the WZAG Meet on August 7th-10thin Gresham, OR.  The team brought great energy throughout the competition and represented the LSC to the very finest!  We will always remember the way our swimmers stepped up in the 200 Freestyle Relays during the down poor at the conclusion of the meet!  We’d like to recognize our individual point scorers and top 8 scoring relays for Team Oregon! OR-OR!
Individual Events:
James Crawford (11-12 Boys):  100 Free-5th, 200 Free-6th, 200 IM-12th, 200 Fly-8th, 400 Free-10th, 50 Free-9th
Vivi Criscione (13-14 Girls):  800 Free-7th, 200 Breast-12th, 1500 Free-8th
Maeve DeYoung (11-12 Girls): 400 IM-14TH, 100 Back-1st , 200 Back-1st, 50 Back-2nd
Matthew Edwards (13-14 Boys):  100 Breast-3rd, 200 Breast-11th
Sammy Empey (13-14 Boys): 100 Free-2nd, 100 Fly-2nd, 100 Back-4th, 50 Free-3rd
Steven Empey (11-12 Boys): 50 Fly-7th, 50 Back-9th, 50 Free-6th
Ben Glasser (13-14 Boys):  200 Fly-11th
Dylan Gustaff (13-14 Girls):  200 Back-8th, 400 IM-15th, 100 Back-13th, 200 IM-12th
Andrew Hanson (13-14 Boys):  1500 Free-15th
Cedric Huang (11-12 Boys):  50 Back-16th
Aidan Johnson (11-12 Boys):  100 Back-16th
Helena Jones (13-14 Girls):  100 Free-4th, 50 Free-3rd
Sean Kim (11-12 Boys): 50 Breast-10th, 100 Breast-8th
Ellie Leeming (13-14 Girls):  100 Breast-9th,800 Free-3rd, 400 IM-11th, 400 Free-14th, 1500 Free-4th
Kamryn Meskill (11-12 Girls): 100 Free-12th, 50 Fly-6th, 50 Free-11th
Steven Peng (13-14 Boys):  50 Free-11th
Olivia Powell (11-12 Girls):  100 Free-11th, 200 Free-4th, 100 Breast-14th, 400 Free-9th, 50 Free-16th
Cassidy Schneider (11-12 Girls):  200 Free-12th, 400 Free-10th
Julie Schwam (13-14 Girls):  200 Back-11th, 1500 Free-14th
Kunzang Sharchitsang (13-14 Girls): 100 Back-6th, 50 Fly-12th, 50 Back-3rd
Nathan Steiner (11-12 Boys):  400 IM-2nd, 50 Breast-7th, 50 Fly-4th, 200 IM-6th, 100 Breast-11th, 100 Fly-2nd
Adrienne Tam (13-14 Girls): 100 Fly-5th, 200 Fly-7th
Aaron Tran (13-14 Boys): 200 Back-11th, 100 Back-10th
Sang Van (11-12 Boys): 50 Back-13th
Akira van de Groenendaal (13-14 Boys):  400 IM-13th, 200 IM-12th
Annemarie Vlaic (11-12 Girls):  100 Free-3rd, 200 Free-2nd, 200 IM-16th, 400 Free-5th, 100 Fly-9th
Tenzin Wangpo (11-12 Boys): 100 Back-13th, 200 IM-13th, 200 Fly-6th, 100 Fly-13th
Alex Wendler (13-14 Boys): 200 Breast-12th
Kinley Wigle (13-14 Girls):  100 Breast-12th
Sydney Wilson (13-14 Girls): 200 Back-15th, 800 Free-12th
Alice Yueh (13-14 Girls):  100 Free-8th, 200 Free-10th, 400 Free-7th
Relay Events: 
Girls 11-12  ‘A’ 400 Free Relay-4th (Olivia Powell, Kunzang Sharchitsang, Kamryn Meskill, Annemarie Vlaic)
Girls 11-12  ‘A’ 200 Medley Relay-7th (Kunzang Sharchitsang, Olivia Powell, Kamryn Meskill, Annemarie Vlaic)
Girls 11-12  ‘A’ 400 Medley Relay-8th (Maeve DeYoung, Olivia Powell, Kunzang Sharchitsang, Annemarie Vlaic)
Girls 11-12 ‘A’ 200 Free Relay-7th (Kamryn Meskill, Annemarie Vlaic, Kunzang Sharchitsang, Olivia Powell)
Boys 11-12  ‘A’ 400 Free Relay-3rd (Nathan Steiner, Tenzin Wangpo, Steven Empey, James Crawford)
Boys 11-12  ‘A’ 200 Medley Relay-3rd (Tenzin Wangpo, Sean Kim, Nathan Steiner, Steven Empey)
Boys 11-12  ‘A’ 400 Medley Relay-3rd (Aidan Johnson, Seam Kim, Nathan Steiner, James Crawford)
Boys 11-12  ‘A’ 200 Free Relay-2nd (Steven Empey, Nathan Steiner, Tenzin Wangpo, James Crawford)
Girls 13-14  ‘A’ 400 Free Relay-5th (Alice Yueh, Stephanie Lee, Chloe Tyler, Helena Jones)
Girls 13-14  ‘A’ 400 Medley Relay-5th (Dylan Gustaff, Ellie Leeming, Adrienne Tam, Helena Jones)
Girls 13-14  ‘A’ 200 Free Relay-6th (Helena Jones, Dalton Sickon, Annette Chang, Alice Yueh)
Girls 13-14 ‘B’ 200 Free Relay-7th (Stephanie Lee, Lauren Larsen, Chloe Tyler, Lexi Williams)
Boys 13-14  ‘A’ 400 Free Relay-4th (Akira van de Groenendaal, Aaron Tran, Duc Bui, Sammy Empey)
Boys 13-14  ‘A’ 200 Medley Relay-4th (Aaron Tran, Matthew Edwards, Sammy Empey, Duc Bui)
Boys 13-14  ‘A’ 400 Medley Relay-4th (Aaron Tran, Matthew Edwards, Ben Glasser, Sammy Empey)
Boys 13-14  ‘A’ 200 Free Relay-3rd (Steven Peng, Aaron Tran, Kian Warnock, Sammy Empey)
Danny Weinberg, Head Coach
Oregon Zones Team

2019 Pacific Coast All-Star Meet

Southern California
January 5-6
11-12 Girls
Coach Denise Croucher
11-12 Boys 
Coach Tristan Briggs
Layla Bretz
Maeve DeYoung
Cadie Johnston
Olivia Powell
Kunzang Sharchitsang
AnneMarie Vlaic
Ally Webster
Lexi Williams
Alternate: Willa Kayfes
Kadyn Butcher
Hodge Dauler
Steven Empey
Mason Leach
Matthew Sexton
Nathan Steiner
Tenzin Wangpo
Kevin Yu
Alternate: Blake Parmentier
13-14 Girls
Coach Sophia Stone- Holmbeck
13-14 Boys
Coach Bryan Butcher
Katherine Adams
Hazel Derr
Stephanie Lee
Fay Lustria
Julia Stafford
Hannah Trainer
Natalie Young
Alice Yueh
Alternate: Hazel Alejos
Sammy Empey
Marcus Gentry
Andrew Huang
Kevin Lei
Durgan McKean
Diego Nosack
Nick Simons
Akira van de Groenendaal
Alternate: Adam Conrad
2019 Western Zone Age Group Championship
Mt Hood CC
August 7-10

2018 Western Zone Age Group Championship

Roseville, CA
August 8-11, 2018
11-12 Girls 
Erin Fincher, Coach
11-12 Boys
Tristan Briggs, Coach
Maeve De Young
Dylan Gustaff
Stephanie Lee
Kali Mull
Sophia Roemmich 
Adrienne Tam
AnneMarie Vlaic
Lexi Williams
Sydney Wilson 
Isabella Yoon
Kadyn Butcher
Henry Cannon
Hodge Dauler
Sammy Empey
Evan Escobar
Mason Hopper
Andrew Ignatescu
Noah Jones
Mason Leach 
Ben Mitchell
Charlie Settle 
13-14 Girls
Sophia Stone-Holmbeck, Coach
13-14 Boys 
Bryan Butcher, Coach
Katherine Adams
Hazel Alejos
Olivia Anderson
Sarah Arpang
Quinn Brown
Gabby Calvi
Hazel Derr
Elena Gingras
Quinn Katayama-Stall
Avery Keinonen
Ellie Leeming
Madeline Nason
Alaina Pitton
Anna Rauchholz
Kylie Taylor
Hannah Trainer
Michelle Vu
Natalie Young
Alice Yueh

Spencer Ahten
Tyler Ahten
Jonathan Bell
Levi Buker
Brandon Cheng
Dominic Colvin
Adam Conrad
Marcus Gentry
Mitchell Hopper
Andrew Huang
Alex Johnson
Matthias Kreutzer
Andrew Lee
Kevin Lei
Charles Page-Jones
Kevin Park
Nicholas Simons
Gavyn Tatge
Akira Van de Groenendaal
Justin Xue

Congratulations and welcome to Bryan Butcher (VSC) as the new 13-14 Boys Oregon Zone Coach. Bryan's background includes his current positions as Age Group Coach for Vancouver Swim Club and Head Swim Coach for Jesuit HS, as well as a wealth of experience working with para-athletes.
In Bryan's own words:
"I am very organized, hardworking, task driven and a team player.  I focus on individual swimmer needs in order to enhance performance. I am a very technical coach, always looking to improve efficiency, strength, and speed. I use positive talk to  communicate with each swimmer. I love the process of swim meets and the opportunity for swimmers to race.  I have coaching experience with many different types of swim meets for high school to international Paralympic events.  I know that swim meets do not always go as planned but I am welling to be flexible, put in the extra time, research answers and communicate so that all swimmers find success and have fun." 
Welcome to the Zone Team Staff, Bryan! :)


2018 Pacific Coast ALL-STAR Meet
Snohomish, WA
Jan. 6-7, 2018
Thank you once again to the many athletes who submitted applications for the 2018 All Star Team, and congratulations to those selected for this year's All Star Team! The team roster is listed below; one alternate has been selected for each age group in the event one of the selected athletes is not able to attend the meet.
The selection process was rigorous and very competitive, with a total of 62 applications for the 32 available spots. The coaching staff took into account a number of factors, including but not limited to the total number of AG Regional qualifying times, the All Star meet format criteria (which specifies a maximum of three individual entries per day), the All Star meet event order, and composition of relays.
The All Star coaching staff encourages those who were not selected for the All Star team to continue to train hard, swim fast, and to watch for the AG Zones applications that will be available later this spring! Oregon Swimming has expended the size of the AG Zone Team from 48 to 60, and we are looking forward to taking a very fast team back to Roseville, CA in August.
Go Oregon!
Jody Rash, Head Coach
Oregon All Star Team
11-12 Girls - Coach Erin Fincher
Annette Chang
Naomi Furman
Stephanie Lee
Sophia Pulaski
Katie Rumsey
Dalton Sickon
Kunzang Sharchitsang
Adrienne Tam
Alternate: Isabelle Yoon
13-14 Girls - Coach Sophia Stone-Holmbeck
Quinn Brown
Elena Gingras
Kiki Lindsey
Fay Lustria
Jessica Maeda
Emma Matous
Jane Shroufe
Hannah Trainer
Alternate: Reem Alharithi
11-12 Boys - Coach Tristan Briggs
Kayden Butcher
Sammy Empey
Charles Gould
Benjamin Mitchell
Frankie Sanger
Aaron Tran
Akira van de Groenendaal
Jiyu Yang
Alternate: Noah Jones
13-14 Boys - Coach Patrick Beasley
Andrew Huang
Justin Logue
Beau Lonnquist
Owen Ngan
Nate Rumsey
Nick Simon
AJ Steiner
Nick Wahlman
Alternate: Charley Page Jones