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All Stars/Western Zones
2018 Pacific Coast ALL-STAR Meet
Snohomish, WA
Jan. 6-7, 2018
Thank you once again to the many athletes who submitted applications for the 2018 All Star Team, and congratulations to those selected for this year's All Star Team! The team roster is listed below; one alternate has been selected for each age group in the event one of the selected athletes is not able to attend the meet.
The selection process was rigorous and very competitive, with a total of 62 applications for the 32 available spots. The coaching staff took into account a number of factors, including but not limited to the total number of AG Regional qualifying times, the All Star meet format criteria (which specifies a maximum of three individual entries per day), the All Star meet event order, and composition of relays.
The All Star coaching staff encourages those who were not selected for the All Star team to continue to train hard, swim fast, and to watch for the AG Zones applications that will be available later this spring! Oregon Swimming has expended the size of the AG Zone Team from 48 to 60, and we are looking forward to taking a very fast team back to Roseville, CA in August.
Go Oregon!
Jody Rash, Head Coach
Oregon All Star Team
11-12 Girls - Coach Erin Fincher
Annette Chang
Naomi Furman
Stephanie Lee
Sophia Pulaski
Katie Rumsey
Dalton Sickon
Kunzang Sharchitsang
Adrienne Tam
Alternate: Isabelle Yoon
13-14 Girls - Coach Sophia Stone-Holmbeck
Quinn Brown
Elena Gingras
Kiki Lindsey
Fay Lustria
Jessica Maeda
Emma Matous
Jane Shroufe
Hannah Trainer
Alternate: Reem Alharithi
11-12 Boys - Coach Tristan Briggs
Kayden Butcher
Sammy Empey
Charles Gould
Benjamin Mitchell
Frankie Sanger
Aaron Tran
Akira van de Groenendaal
Jiyu Yang
Alternate: Noah Jones
13-14 Boys - Coach Patrick Beasley
Andrew Huang
Justin Logue
Beau Lonnquist
Owen Ngan
Nate Rumsey
Nick Simon
AJ Steiner
Nick Wahlman
Alternate: Charley Page Jones