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Mini-Expo and House of Delegates
2019 Oregon Mini Expo and House of Delegates
Date:  September 28-29, 2019
Location: George Fox University Hoover Building 414 North Meridian St, Newberg, OR, 97132
Each year round club must send one coach representative to the Oregon Swim Coaches Association (OSCA) meeting which will be on Saturday, September 28 and one representative to Oregon Swimming’s House of Delegates (HOD) Meeting which begins at 9:00am on Sunday, September 29. Although only one representative is required to attend the HOD meeting, each club is entitled to up to two votes: one must go to a non-athlete member of USA Swimming and the other must go to an athlete member. There is a $50 non-representation fine for OSCA and a $100 non-representation fine for HOD.
All registrataions are being done online this year. No paper forms or checks should be sent to the office. (Registration for Coaches Clinic due by 9/27 to avoid $10 late fee) 
Safety Training for Swim Coaches
8:30-10:00 pm  Friday evening
Meet at the Chehalem Aquatic and Fitness Center for the SKILLS TEST portion of the STFSC. ($20 Cash/Check – receipt will be sent to you the following week, if needed)
We will be using a corner of the recreational facility.
You must have already taken, and passed the STFSC Online only content.
Safety Training Online Content (minimum 3 hours - $25 to Red Cross at Signup)
It is best if you let me know you are coming by sending your SUCCESS email by 12 pm on Friday, 9/27. If you can’t, then you MUST bring a printed copy with you. You should also bring the STFSC SKILLS Checklist, filled out with your information to give me. You can download it here:
6:15-8:00 am on Saturday Morning – classroom space at the Chehalem Aquatic Center
CPR/AED SKILLS TEST – COST $40 Cash/Check (Receipt provided the following week via email if requested)  You need to have completed the ONLINE CPR/AED class at this link: (No charge for this online class)
Adult and Pediatric CPR/AED - 1:30  (1.5 hours minimum to complete) - HSSSFA513 r.2017 – Free online content.  https://www.redcrosslearning.com/course/f1d6cbd0-c610-11e6-8cb1-fd6cba7ba1e9
In addition, please REVIEW chapters 1-3 of the presentation in this google drive folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1z-WMCsl3J3sOC6_ZX-g8F97VHJLbHv4F?usp=sharing
You MUST let me know you are coming to class, and provide me with the SUCCESS EMAIL that you receive when you are done with the class. We will then have some brief discussions, and practice, then do the SKILLS check off.
If you have questions about how to obtain any of these certifications, please visit www.orgonswimming.org, and then choose the Coaches Tab Where you will find information about USA Swimming Requirements, and Concussion Training links. Alternatively, please feel free to call the Oregon Swimming Office at: 503-747-3702 or you may reply to me at this email (Russel_Scovel@Symantec.com), or call me at: 541-450-3687.
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Officials Clinic

Location: George Fox University, Edwards-Holman Science Center

***If you are interested and qualified for the Referee Clinic, please contact Julie at:  jmcarpenter001@gmail.com

If you plan to attend the morning clinics and be there for lunch, please RSVP to Julie: jmcarpenter001@gmail.com

Coaches Mini-expo
Location: George Fox University
                   Hoover Building room 105
                   414 North Meridian St
                   Newberg, OR
Register before 9/27 at $60, on 9/28 the registration fee goes up to $70. You can register at this link  https://oregonswimming.regfox.com/2019-coaches-clinicOSI is not accepting cash or checks. 7:30 check in, first talk starts at 8am and the last will end between 4 and 4:30pm.
John O'Sullivan is the Founder of the Changing the Game Project and Host of the Way of Champions Podcast. He is the bestselling author of two books on parenting and coaching youth athletes, and advises organizations such as the USOC, USA Swimming, US Lacrosse, US Soccer, and US Ski and Snowboard Association. John will be speaking about creating athlete-centered environments for our swimmers and the importance of building strong teams to keep our athletes engaged and performing their best. 
John will lead of the meeting with the keynote from 8-9:15 "Engaging Parents in Youth Sports" with a Q and A from until 9:30.  
9:45- 10:45 (start time will depend on previous Q and A session)
     John O'Sullivan "Importance of Team Culture"
     Kevin Zacher leading the senior track
     Andi Kawamot-Klatt leading the AG track
Kevin Zacher is the Head Coach of Scottsdale Aquatic Club, a USA Swimming Gold Medal Team for 2018. Kevin has been the leader of SAC since 2007 and has grown the club from 200 swimmers to nearly 500. SAC has been Junior National Team Champions several times over the past 5 years. Kevin grew up in Roseburg and still thinks of Oregon as home. 
Some Topics:  
1.  Use of under water fly kick for speed for the 100 and 50.  
2.  Race finishing speed. 
3.  Juggling sprinters and distance on a club team. They may be big enough to juggle this like a college team.
4.  How to get swimmers to make changes they might not be willing to make
and more...
Andi Kawamot-Klatt has been on the coaching staff of the Irvine Novaquatics since 1990 and is currently the Associate Head Age Group Coach. Although Andi was a member of UC Irvine's swim team and waterpolo team, her background stems from the study of psychology, for which she has a Bachelor’s (UC Irvine) and a Master’s (Pepperdine). She has worked as a Child Development Instructor for the Irvine Unified School District (6 years), spent 4 years working with the Neuropsychological Concussion testing team for the Mighty Ducks Hockey team and has also been certified in Pilates since 2001 (Body Arts and Science International).
Some Topics:
1. Teaching a certain stroke or all strokes. Progression.
2. Teaching softness in a swimmers stroke
3. Teaching progression for turns and streamline. 
4 .How to get swimmers to make changes they might not be willing to make 
and more..

OSCA meeting 6pm

Each year-round club should send at least one representative to attend the meeting. There is a $50 fine assesed to clubs without representation.



House of Delegates meeting - 9:00am to noon 
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