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2017 OSCA
Mentorship Program Guidelines
The OSCA mentor program is designed to expose Oregon coaches to a line of shared information. The purpose is to bring new information into your area, as well as, train our future coaches for a career in coaching. This program is open to all Oregon coaches that are currently certified and working for a club in Oregon swimming. We thank you for your interest in this program and hope with it's success will come years of mentorships in the future.
Please make sure that you follow all of the parameters, paperwork and deadlines as any deviation may disqualify you from receiving reimbursement.
Qualifications for benefits are as follows:
Novice level -  6 awards granted
Main coaching duties are at a novice level and coach has been registered with an Oregon team for minimum 1 year. $250 reimbursement and max visit time of 1 day. Mentor coach must be in OSI.
Age Group level -  7 awards granted
Main coaching duties are at age group level and coach has been registered with an Oregon team for minimum 1year. $500 reimbursement and max visit time of 2 days. Mentor coach must be in OSI or surrounding state.
Senior level -  3 awards granted
Main coaching duties are with senior level athletes and coach has been registered with an Oregon team for minimum 5 consecutive years. $1000 reimbursement and max visit time of 3 days. Mentor coach may be in any US state.
Qualifications for mentor choice:
You must declare chosen mentor and what you are attaining from the arrangement. The following reasons may be applied. If different please explain in detail the arrangement you are hoping to acheive.
  1. mentors knowledge and work with novice athletes.
  2. age group coaching and advancement.
  3. senior athlete development from age group to nationals
  4. administration of dry side, club administration and growth.
  5. other options arranged between mentor and mentoree. Details provided
*Restrictions apply, coaches that are eligible for USA swimming's national junior team visit program are ineligible to participate as mentoree, but may be asked to mentor other OSCA coaches.
2017 OSCA Mentorship Forms
The following deadlines must be adhered to for acceptance into the Mentorship program.
Timeline for OSCA:
May 11 - deadline for application form to OSCA from coach or club.
May 18 - announcement of selected coaches
September 30 - Oral report at the annual OSCA meeting
November 19 - reports due to OSCA treasurer on mentor program details
December 19 - The OSCA chair’s report to USA swimming office on results of pilot program and future of program.
  1. To mentored coach from OSCA, made in one payment after submittal of all receipts with an accounting of any expenses incurred during trip. Funds will only be mailed once all reports and forms have also been received to the OSCA office. Including travel (mileage, flights or rental vehicles), hotel, and meals incurred during proposed dates up to the max allowed for approved trip.
  2. Forms must be completed and sent to person listed below:
Applications only to:
George Sampson, 240 SE Lawson Lane, McMinnville, OR 97128
                Preferred method email to:sammyboathead@frontier.com
Reimbursement form/receipts to:
Rick Guenther, 1940 NW Highland Drive, Corvallis, OR  97330
Selection parameters
Selection committee consists of current OSCA board. They are tasked with the following selection procedures.
  1. Committee will notify applicants via email as to whether or not, they have been selected for mentorship program.
  2. Committee selection of applicants will take into consideration whether or not a team has received prior educational funding from OSCA in current application year.
  3. Committee will take into consideration geographic location and team size when choosing the participants.
Form checklist
Forms required throughout process:
a) Application for OSCA mentorship program
b) Mentor Wrap-up of visit form
c) review of mentor and what they contributed to mentored
d) all receipts with description for reimbursement
As a guide we have put together the following Clubs that have said they or their coaching staff are willing to be mentors.
Bend Swim Club                                 Mark Bernett                                       aquaman@coinet.com
Corvallis Aquatic Team                      Rick Guenther                                                surfswimcat@aol.com
Gold Coast Swim Team                     Kathe McNutt                                      kmcnutt@outlook.com
Hillsboro Swim Team                         James Resare                                                james@hillsboroheat.org
Hood River Valley Swim Team          Shelly Rawding                                   Hrvst.coach@gmail.com
Lake Oswego Swim Club                   Emily Melina                                       Emily.melina@gmail.com
Mt, Hood Aquatics                              Skip Runkle                                        skiprunkle@msn.com
Multnomah Athletic Club                    Alex Nikitin                                          anikitin@themac.com
North West Blue Crush Aquatic Club Gary Muzzy                                        Bcac12@gmail.com
Oregon City Swim Team                    Matt Crum                                           Ocst.coach@gmail.com
Portland Aquatic Club                         Jody Braden                                       coachjib@comcast.net
Redmond Aquatic Club                      Heather Thomas                     Coach.heather@hotmail.com
Superior Stingrays Swimming            Siouxha Tokman                                siouxha@yahoo.com
Team Eugene Aquatics                      Scott Kerr                                            swim@teameugene.ore
Tigard Tualatin Swim Club                 Brad Robbins                          Brad.robbins81@gmail.com  
Tualatin Hills Swim Club                     Franz Resseguie                     franz@thunderboltswimming.org
Vancouver Swim Club                        Vicki Gordon                           swimcoachv@gmail.com
This list is by no means complete if you like a club’s style of coaching, by all means look them up on the Oregon Swimming website or in the swim guide and get in contact with their Head Coach to talk about the possibility of being mentored there.