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Service Hours


Service Hours Commitment:
Service is a necessary part of being on our swim team. MESA Aquatics requires 24 hours of service time per year including 5 hours (minimum) per Mesa home meet from each member family for 2018. 
Members who join after January 1st of a given year will have their obligated service time reduced by 2.0 hours/month for every month after January upon  completion of a parent orientation.
MESA’s Team Unify software is set to bill members $12.00/hour for every hour they fall
short of the team’s obligated service requirement. This billing will occur on the 1st of January of the following year. 
Use Job Sign-Up feature to sign-up for service hours and earn time. You should have received an attachment with instructions detailing how to sign-up for service opportunities.
All MESA service time is tracked and credited within Team Unify software using the job
sign-up feature. You can check your service hours balance under the billing admin tab.
Typical jobs listed are:
Pool Covers - colder months only
Hot Chocolate  - **During cold months only**
Team EZ-Up Transport to/from away swim meets 
Committee Members (Events or Publicity)
Donations to the team snack bar or special events (1 hour /$12 donation)
Various other service opportunities will be listed from time to time, and each one will have
an associated time credit.
Please note that all families attending meets are required to do timing at those meets. MESA is assigned timing chairs that must be filled as part of our acceptance into the meet. Timing at away meets does not count toward service hours.
SERVICE HOURS AT HOME MEETS: A minimum per family will be decided by the BOD prior to the meet
A service hours sign-up sheet will be posted on the MESA website.
An e-mail will be sent to each family reminding them to sign up to work service hours.
All families are required to volunteer at each Mesa home meet. If this isn't possible, please make arrangements for alternate service in advance. 
Families that do not meet their requirement will be charged a $50 fine on the 1st of the month following the meet.
Often members will be required to do more than one job as running a swim meet takes a lot
of work, but please remember that swim meets are the team’s major fund raisers.