Rattler Swim Club Partners
Family Commitment

RATTLER culture is one of family and camaraderie.  It is our intent to develop strong swimmers who can appreciate the sport for their entire lives.  We also care greatly about them as a WHOLE PERSON.  For this reason, we cultivate a family friendly atmosphere that consists of a village of volunteers and a strong support system.  When you arrive at RATTLER, you will likely be greeted by other parents around the pool and can expect other families to help you along at your first meet.  Many of our families carpool together and socialize outside of swimming.  That is the kind of team we strive to be.


Dues are to be paid in full each month that my child participates as a member of Rattler Swim Club, whether the child swims for one day or 30.

It is the parent responsibility to email Coach Liz regarding any conflicts (ex. Injury, extended vacation) that would allow suspension of monthly dues.  I understand that I will continue to be charged until receipt in writing of my request.

I agree to the family fundraising obligation of $300.   My family will participate in the Swim-A-Thon and other eligible fundraisers to the best of our ability.  I understand that if we are unable to meet the $300 obligation from September 2016 until May 31, 2017 that my account will be charged the balance in June, 2017.

**I understand that if I am unable to meet the fundraising requirement due to financial hardship, Rattler Swim Club may provide alternate volunteer hours equal to $20.00 per hour until the quota is met.

Parents are responsible for timing at swim meets.  Job Signup is posted on our website prior to the meets, except for Finals at Championship Meets.  Parents should sign up for 1 timing shift per swimmer, per session. (ie, families with 2 children swimming in the afternoon session should time for 2 timing shifts in the afternoon session.)  Families who do not fulfill their timing responsibility when there are empty shifts, will be assessed a $20 penalty per missed shift.  Parents should also make every effort to sign up for slots that align with their children’s events. (ie., if your child swims later in the session, please sign up for a shift later in the session.)

Rattler Swim Club is based on a month-to-month membership.  Once I am registered I understand that I remain automatically registered from one month to the next.  During that time, if I find that I want leave the club it is up to me to notify the club of your intended departure.  I understand that I will continue to be charged monthly until I provide WRITTEN NOTICE of my family’s departure from the team.   I understand that I must notify the club by the 15th of the month prior to the month I plan to leave.