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Why Swim?

Why Swim?       

The USA Swimming (USAS) age group swimming program is America’s largest program of guided fitness activity for children. Age group swimming builds a strong foundation for a lifetime of good health by teaching healthy fitness habits. Swimming isn't just for swimmers! Swimming is an incredible cross-training tool for basketball players, soccer players, runners, etc.


Exercise Benefits of Swimming:

  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Builds upper-body strength (shoulders and back especially)
  • Improves aerobic capacity and endurance strength
  • Trains & tones every major muscle group in the body
  • Strengthens joints without the damage of impact
  • Burns more calories than an equal time spent running, walking, or doing yoga
  • Builds flexibility and mobility essential for muscular performance and health


Swimming Prepares you for Life!

One of the great values of swimming as a sport is that it prepares your for life. The total swimming experience is made up of people, attitudes, beliefs, work habits, fitness, health, winning and losing, and much more. Swimmers learn to deal with pressure and stress, success and failure, teamwork and discipline. Yet, swimming is a self-achievement activity. As a sport, swimming is one of the few sports that is both team and individual.

Swimmers learn how to handle frustration and disappointment, swimmers gain self-confidence and self-worth. They learn dedication and commitment. Through perseverance, swimmers learn to overcome adversity. All of these experiences tend to develop individuals who are better able to handle life’s hardships and face adversity. They learn to set realistic goals for themselves which they will achieve through hard work.