2018 Age Group Zones

2018 Age Group Zones
August 8-11, 2018
Roseville, CA


2018 Snake River Age Group Zone Team
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2018 Age Group Coaching Staff
Head Coach - Erin Holmes, Boise Y Swim Team
Assistant Coach - Stephanie O'Malley, Boise Swim Club
Assistant Coach - Todd Marsh, Boise Y Swim Team


The Team List is posted HERE.

Meet Results



2018 Age Group Zone Meet Invitation

2018 Age Group Zone Application to Officiate

2018 Age Group Zone Time Standards

2018 Snake River Age Group Zones "B" Time Standards

2018 Snake River Age Group Zones Selection Procedures

2018 Age Group Zone Head and Assistant Coach Selection Procedure

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Snake River Age Group Zones Registration Packet

Note:  The Swim & Sun Shop in Boise can obtain Speedo and TYR Tech suits at
a 40% discount for Zone Qualifiers if their order is placed by June 30th.

Required Concussion Info for Swimmers Competing in California at Zones

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Snake River Zone Swimmer SCY Rankings through 4/30/18

Snake River Zone Swimmers LCM Rankings through 07/10/18

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