Membership Verification

Membership Verification for Swim Meets

Once all meet entries have been received, Snake River meet hosts are required to send their meet backup to the Snake River Registrar for swimmer membership verification.  The back-up should be sent no later than 4 days prior to the meet start date. The Snake River Registrar will verify in the USA Swimming database that all swimmers entered in the meet are current USA Swimming registered members.

If a swimmer who is not properly registered with USA Swimming competes in a sanctioned competition, the host LSC may impose a fine up to $100 per event against the individual, member coach, or member club submitting the entry.  After verification of meet entries, if any athlete is found to be not currently registered, the host club must submit a post-meet backup to the Snake River Registration Chairman.  If the athlete competed in the meet and his/her registration was postmarked after the entry deadline, the athlete/Club will be fined $100 by the Registration Chairman.  Additionally, if an athlete competes in a meet as an unregistered swimmer, he/she will be disqualified from all events swum in the meet and will not be allowed to enter any other competitions until the fine is paid and the registration completed.