Crisis Communication Plan



(created 06-25-2018)
(updated 06-25-2018)

Information Officer

  • The person acting as the Information Officer is the General Chair of Snake River Swimming. Should the General Chair not be available because of absence or due to a conflict of interest, the Administrative Vice Chair shall serve in this position, followed by the Senior Chair.


  • Board of Directors – emails and phone numbers are in Information Officer’s possession
  • Clubs – contact emails and phone numbers through permanent office
  • Coaches – network emails through permanent office; use web site as well
  • SRS Membership – use SRS web site
  • Media/Public – local television and radio networks as appropriate


  • Information Officer gathers and confirms all the information from relevant sources
  1. Determine what happened, when and where
  2. Determine who is affected
  3. Identify cause
  4. Determine reaction to incident and possible repercussions
  5. Determine when there will be more information/update
  • Information Officer informs Board of Directors via conference call or by in-person meeting
  1. Team will be alerted by phone call to home number, work number, cell number, all of which are in possession of Information Officer
  2. Depending on situation, Information Officer will involve others as appropriate
  • Information Officer determines appropriate response to crisis and develops plan and timetable
  1. Determine what needs to be done and when it needs to be done
  2. Determine what to say, who will say it, to whom it will be said, when it will be said, and by what means it will be said, as well as determining whether to take a proactive or reactive approach
  • Information Officer informs appropriate stakeholders of situation and response
  1. Description/background of situation and the response are communicated to stakeholders by established timetable
  2. Stakeholders are given contact information for Information Officer as well as other contact information that may apply in the situation
  • Information Officer makes any necessary public statements to news media, direct meetings of membership, or others as appropriate
  • Information Officer monitors situation and reacts accordingly


2018 SRS Board Members

            Most updated information available on the SRS website.


To print Snake River Crisis Communication Plan, click HERE.