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LSC Developmental Age Group Camps

Per our discussion and approval at the October HOD, we will be attempting to run some Age Group Development and Zone Camps this year.  In conjunction with this plan, we are selecting our 2022 Age Group Zone Coach in January.  There will be additional duties related to this role, including: coaching at the annual Western Zone Championship meet in August, helping to spearhead the Zone program, conducting multiple mini-camps, and becoming an ambassador for our Snake River Age Group Swimmers.  As a reminder, Zone Coaches receive a stipend and have all of their expenses paid while at the Zone meet.   Age Group Camps Infomation Sheet
Snake River Age Group Camps

We would like to officially announce the start of the 2022 Snake River Age Group Zone Camps. We are excited to launch this series of camps throughout the year in an effort to bring together our SRS Zones coaches and swimmers.  


The mission of the Age Group Camp program is to provide our members with an exciting camp experience that fosters a sense of camaraderie and unity between all of the Snake River swimmers who have qualified for, or are aspiring to qualify for the Age Group Zone Championship Meet in August of 2022.  In addition to forming a sense of camaraderie between the swimmers, we are hoping that this will allow us coaches an opportunity to work and grow together in the continued mission of providing excellent coaching throughout the LSC.  


We are hopeful that these camps will provide motivation to all age group swimmers within the LSC to strive for continued improvement in an effort to grow the number of Snake River Swimming participants in the Age Group Zones Championship Meet. 


The objectives of the AG Camps are to motivate and educate those swimmers participating in the camps.  Each camp will strive to provide an educational experience for each participating swimmer; from stroke work to race strategy.  During camps, all practices will focus on technique, drills, stroke enhancement as well as conditioning.


The SRS Zone coaching staff and support team are excited to bring these camps to various locations throughout the Snake River Swimming LSC this year and we are looking forward to seeing as many of you as we can at each camp.


Attached to this email are the LSC Age Group Camp Details and the Age Group Camp Registration forms. The first camp is scheduled for February 26-27 in Pocatello. Registration forms for this camp must be submitted no later than February 21. Please distribute the forms and information to swimmers who you feel will qualify to attend Age Group Zones in August.


Nick Gaggiano, 2022 Snake River Head Coach & Stephanie O'Malley, 2022 Snake River Asst. Coach

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2022 Age Group Zones
August 3-6, 2022
Elk Grove, CA


2022 Age Group Zone Swimmer Selection Procedure

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2022 Age Group Zone Head and Assistant Coach Selection Procedure

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2022 Age Group Zone Meet Invitation

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2022 Snake River Age Group Zones Registration Packet

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2022 Age Group Zone Time Standards

2022 Age Group SRS Zone Time Standards