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As you know, some members have more than one registration type and/or more than one ID card; official/non-athlete, athlete/non-athlete, etc.


In order to view both on Deck Pass, you need to select an additional type beside what is currently relevant to you.  So, as an official, your content should already be set on Official, and your Deck Pass will show your Official certification ID card.  To get your non-athlete ID card, you do the following:


Once you log in to your account, click on My Account.  Under SHOW ME CONTENT REVELVANT TO A…  Choose Parent, then Click Save Preferences.


Go back to your Deck Pass and you will see the new tile on the right hand-side where you can toggle back and forth to your different preference types.


The website is currently in production to where if you have both an athlete and non-athlete membership, you will be able to print your ID cards from your Dashboard on your Deck Pass.