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Athlete Protection Policies

Update:  At it's April 26, 2019 meeting, the USA Swimming Board of Directors approved interim rule changes. As a result by June 23, 2019 member organizations, including clubs and LSC's must update their club policies to reflect the Minor Athlete Abuse Protection Policy (MAAPP). Click for additional information.

USA Swimming has Athlete Protection Policies which all members must abide by. They also require clubs to have certain athlete protection policies and recommend that they have others.

  • USA Swimming Athlete Protection Policies are found in article 305 of the current rulebook.
  • Models of the REQUIRED policies clubs must have. These are the default policies of clubs who have not developed their own policies to fill this requirement. (See article 305 of the current rulebook for more.)
  • Models of the RECOMMENDED policies clubs are encouraged to have. Clubs may alter and use as needed.  They may also develop their own additional athlete protection policies.



All USA Swimming non-athlete members (inc. coaches and officials) are required to take Athlete Protection Training every year as a requirement for membership
Below is a link for both member and non member education
USA Swimming also has made available a parent education program for their members. The course takes 15-20 minutes, is free.


All USA Swimming teams are required to have a policy to address bullying and promote bullying prevention. Check your club website, with your coach, or another team leader to find out more. USA Swimming and the US Center for Safe Sport also have additional resources.



The USA Swimming Safe Sport Club Toolkit has a "Safe Sport at Events" section with additional resources.


Safe Sport Mondays

USA Swimming's Safe Sport Mondays program is designed to help launch conversations within swim clubs about everyday issues.  Having regular, short conversations about different Safe Sport related issues can strengthen a club's values and open productive communications channels. Families are welcome to use these resources too!

Safe Sport Monday scenario and discussion guides are available online. Additionally, USA Swimming mailed every team a Safe Sport Mondays booklet in the spring of 2018. 


Safe Sport Recognized Club

Demonstrate your team's commitment to safeguarding your athletes and all participants.  Become a Safe Sport Recognized Club.



For information about reporting a Safe Sport concern, see the USA Swimming Deal with a Concern page.

For accident or injury, see injury for USA Swimming reporting requirement.

Department of Family Services in Wyoming (DFS) which will give you a contact in your county.

(Please dial 911 if child is in immediate danger)

Tips for Mandated Reporters (which is "any person who has reason to believe that a child has been subjected to abuse or neglect")

USA Swimming Safe Sport webinar on Mandatory Reporting given on 3/13/2019 (Scroll down to locate slides or recording of 1 hour webinar presentation)


Responding to a Concern

Remember to also complete a Report of Occurrence.

For information about responding to, or reporting, a Safe Sport concern see the USA Swimming Deal with a Concern page.

Other USA Swimming resources:

Want to speak with someone local? Each team has a Club Safety Coordinator. Utah Swimming also has a Safe Sport chairperson. Contact information for the Utah Swimming Safe Sport Chair is on the Board of Directors list, located under the Governance tab at the top of this page.


Links and Resources



USA Swimming Required Athlete Protection Model Policies

Extra model policies from USA Swimming
USA Swimming Model Code of Conduct 
Model code of conduct Coach WORD
Model code of conduct AthleteWORD
Model code of conduct ParentWORD