Duncan Family YMCA

Susan M. Duncan Location

All swimmers are required to be current members of the Duncan YMCA.  Youth memberships are $26/month.  All fees are drafted on the first of each month and can be started/stopped at any time.

Group I

This is our entry level, developmental group of novice swimmers.  The focus is on learning the fundamentals of competitive swimming; improving technique of freestyle and backstroke while learning breaststroke, butterfly, starts and turns.  These swimmers will have the opportunity to compete in meets but it is not required.

Prerequisites:  Must be able to swim 50 yards of legal freestyle with rotary breathing          and backstroke.  Not quite ready for this?  See the information on our Pre Team class below!
Group I Coach:             Lani Meyer
Workout Days/Times:   
Mon/Wed       4-4:45 pm

                                   Fri                 4-4:45   Starts/Turns/Technique

Practice Fees:  $27month first child          $17/month multiple child


Group II

This is a competitive training group designed to prepare swimmers for higher levels of competition.  The emphasis will be on mastering the skills necessary to be a successful competitive swimmer such as:  clock management, training etiquette, stroke technique, starts/turns, and training and race strategies.

Group II Coach:          Lani Meyer
Workout Days/Times:  Mon/Wed  4:45-5:45 pm

                                 Tue/Thur  4:00-5 pm

                                  Fri  4-4:45 pm   Starts/Truns/Technique

Practice Fees:  $72/month first child    $62/month multiple child

Group III

This is for the swimmer ready for a higher level but not physically ready for the yardage/training demands of Group IV.  Swimmers in this group MUST be fully proficient in all four strokes as well as starts and turns.

Group III Coach:           Lani Meyer
Workout Days/Times:    Mon/Wed  5:30-7 pm   

                                   Tue/Thur   4:45-6:30 pm

                                    Fri   4:45-5:45 pm   Starts/Turns/Technique

Practice Fees:  $117/month first child    $107/month multiple child

Group IV

This is a high performance training group designed for the very dedicated swimmer who strives to compete at the State, Regional, and National levels.  The emphasis is on building a strong aerobic base and enhancing stroke technique, starts/turns and racing strategies.  Swimmers will have a goal setting session with the coach to set seasonal goal times and commitment

Group IV Coach:                Lani Meyer
Workout Days/Times:        
Mon/Wed        6:15-8:15 pm

                                        Tue/Thur        6-8:15 pm

                                        Fri   4:45-5:45 pm   Starts/Turns/Technique