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Aquaforce Swim Team Duncan Family YMCA

The Susan M. Duncan YMCA offers year-round competitive swimming for kids ages 5 and up. We teach and train all levels of swimmers while emphasizing individual progress, family participation, good sportsmanship, individual integrity and team play.

USA Swimming

Our swimming program is sanctioned by USA Swimming and thus meets approved criteria for rules, officials, timing, distances, and coach certification. 
(Membership in USA Swimming is required. Register here.)

Arvada’s Aquaforce teams are divided into four groups based on each swimmer’s age and the coach’s evaluation of the swimmer’s ability.  In addition we offer a special High School rate (for those swimming High School Season) as well as dryland training for Groups III and IV.

Susan M. Duncan Location

All swimmers are required to be current members of the Duncan YMCA.  Youth memberships are $26/month.  All fees are drafted on the first of each month and can be started/stopped at any time.

Group I

This is our entry level, developmental group of novice swimmers.  The focus is on learning the fundamentals of competitive swimming; improving technique of freestyle and backstroke while learning breaststroke, butterfly, starts and turns.  These swimmers will have the opportunity to compete in meets but it is not required.

Prerequisites:  Must be able to swim 50 yards of legal freestyle with rotary breathing and backstroke.

Group II

This is a competitive training group designed to prepare swimmers for higher levels of competition.  The emphasis will be on mastering the skills necessary to be a successful competitive swimmer such as:  clock management, training etiquette, stroke technique, starts/turns, and training and race strategies.

Group III

This is for the swimmer ready for a higher level but not physically ready for the yardage/training demands of Group IV.  Swimmers in this group MUST be fully proficient in all four strokes as well as starts and turns.

Group IV

This is a high performance training group designed for the very dedicated swimmer who strives to compete at the State, Regional, and National levels.  The emphasis is on building a strong aerobic base and enhancing stroke technique, starts/turns and racing strategies.  Swimmers will have a goal setting session with the coach to set seasonal goal times and commitment.


Looking for swim lessons before joining a team? Learn more about swim lessons at the Duncan Family YMCA!