Swimmers in this group have the opportunity to practice five times per week for one hour and 15 minutes with an additional fifteen minutes devoted to dryland activities.  Swimmers in this group begin to learn advanced stroke technique, racing starts and turns, and basic training skills.  Swimmers are introduced to basic race strategy and practice sets.  Practice attendance is not required for this group but it is recommended that swimmers attend at least three out of the five practices each week.  Swimmers will compete in USA Swimming invitationals, in addition to their expected attendance in the CT YMCA State Championship Meet, CT Regionals, and CT Age Groups for those who qualify.  Swimmers new to the program must be evaluated by a member of the coaching staff prior to enrollment.


  • Swim a continuous 200 yard free with flip turns and streamlines

  • Swim a legal 100 yard IM

  • Swim legally 100 yards of 3 of the 4 competitive strokes.

  • Demonstrate an effective racing start and backstroke start

  • Perform all turns and push offs efficiently including streamlining and underwater kicks

  • Demonstrate a proven ability to listen to coaches and make effort to improve

  • Understand and demonstrate the YMCA's 4 core character values