Travel Teams at Wellmark YMCA

Wellmark Y Travel Team & Travel Team Prep

501 Grand Ave, Des Moines, IA 50309

Travel Team Head Coach
Allan McCallum

*Please direct all site specific inquiries to your head group coach.

Wellmark Travel Team Assistant Coaches
Trudy Hancock, Dan Hardy, Bryan Hill, Mollie McNeel, Selena Mufti, Jennifer Van Meter

DSMY Travel Team Eligibility

*Eligibility for Travel Team: 13+ years old with ISI Champs Q time in current age group, one USA Swimming “A” time standard in a freestyle event. USA Swimming time standards OR the swimmer is entering the summer season before their freshman year of high school (with no time standards).

*Eligibility for Travel Team Prep: 11+ years old with one USA Swimming “A” time standard in a freestyle event for current age group, USA Swimming time standards and head practice site coach invitation.

To be a part of the DSMY swimming team, swimmers must maintain a current YMCA facility membership throughout the season. All swim team members must check-in to the facility with their membership card through the front desk welcome center.

Training Groups And Fees At This Location
DSMY Program Model and Levels

Travel Team Prep, Silver, Gold and Platinum

$170/month TT swim, $150/month TTP swim, $40-50/month optional dryland training

* See below regarding high school in season fees.*


The 2020 Summer USA & Championship meet schedule may be found under the Events tab; Team Meet Information link.


Swim & Dryland Practice Schedule

Travel Team & Travel Team Prep Summer 2020 practice schedule (subject to change if needed) updated 070120

*DryLand training is optional and not a requirement of the Travel Team.

Traditional in person dryland training will not take place for the 2020 summer season.

Travel Team Dryland $50/month; Travel Team Prep Dryland $40/month

Meet our Dry Land trainers:

Anthony Jazz Abreu

Lance Maxwell

Steven Baldus

Financial Assistance is available. Contact:

Financial Assistance Specialist

Phone number 515-471-8561



Team Travel Equipment Needed

Your own: Suit, cap, goggles, water bottle, towel (your choice/preference)

Kickboard (your choice/preference)

Nose clip (your choice/preference)

Pull buoy (your choice/preference)


Drag Sox, resistance level 45

Small Speedo hand paddles (we will use these for stroke pull)

Strokemaker paddles (either: Size Small #1 Red/Navy or, Size M #2 Blue)

Fins Speedo training (not big snorkeling type)

Finis ankle strap


High School Participation Fees At This Location

High school boys, participating with their high school swim team, will only be charged $50 for TT and $45 for TTP in November and $10 for the months of December and January so they may compete in their required three YMCA closed meets.

High school girls, participating with their high school swim team, will be charged for the months of November (pro-rated upon return, if needed), December, January and February so they may compete in their required three YMCA closed meets.  High school girls are encouraged to register before the season begins (9-3-19).  The payment made at check out of registration will be considered payment for November 2019.

These fees are ONLY for high school (9th-12th grade) swimmers that WILL be participating, competing and representing their high school teams (Girls-Fall Season; Boys-Winter Season).
Junior high (7th & 8th graders) that participate with their high school team are NOT eligible for these training group fees.