Marlin Prep


Marlin Prep, our pre-swim team group, is a transitional program bridging the gap from swim lessons to our competitive swim team for ages 5-14. Marlin Prep runs concurrently with DSMY Marlin swim teams and is offered three months at a time with the goal of joining swim team. Practice groups are divided by 8 & unders and 9 & overs.

Evaluation Requirements for Entry into Marlin Prep

  • Good Listening Skills
  • Steady and effective flutter kick
  • 25 yards freestyle with side breathing/face in the water (without stopping)
  • 25 yards backstroke (with a horizontal body position and coordinated flutter kick along with arms out of the water)

Practices Per Week & Length

  • 2 practices per week
  • 45 minutes per practice

Marlin Prep Equipment

Your own: Competitive swim suit, swim cap, competitive goggles, water bottle, towel and kickboard. Our team vendor is Elsmore Swim Shop in Urbandale.

Group Outcomes (As Outlined in thDSMY Athlete Progression Model)

Course Emphasis &

Water Skills



  • Short course (25 yard) emphasis
  • Stroke technique & kicking based
  • Fine tune side breathing
  • Introduction to breaststroke and butterfly
  • Introduction to flip turns and racing starts
  • Understanding of swimming language and practice etiquette
Character Development
  • Introduction of core values, team concept
  • To be a part of a FUN and safe environment
Meets and Competition
  • Each session will have a short practice "meet" to introduce the concept of competition

Group Goals
  • Progression to a swim team training group
  • Focus on the development process
Volunteering for Hosted Meets Guidelines
  • Required to help with home meets; variety of positions:
  • timer,
  • runner,
  • hospitality/concessions,
  • meet setup/break down,
  • timing computer consol

Locations Offered