Swimmer Information


Swimmers Code of Ethics

As a representative of my team, my Y, and my community, I will…

  • Exemplify behavior that will build up and not tear down.
  • Practice good sportsmanship during practice and meets through my actions and words.
  • Attend every practice and meet that I can or will notify my coach if I cannot.
  • Listen and learn to my best ability what the coaches are teaching me.
  • Give respect to ALL, even if I disagree with them.
  • Encourage my parents and family to be involved in my Blue Wave Swim Team.
  • Uphold and practice the core values of the Marshalltown YMCA-YWCA.
  • Communicate my needs with all involved.
  • Share with my team my successes and disappointments.
  • Respect the property of the Marshalltown YMCA-YWCA and other facilities I visit.


During practices I will…

  • Obey all pool regulations and rules.
  • Be prepared for practice, arriving with all my gear.
  • Be on deck prior to the start of a training session for set-up .
  • Not enter the water until given permission by the coach.
  • Listen and follow directions of the coaches.
  • Use all equipment and facilities for their intended purpose.
  • Not interfere with the ability of other swimmers to workout.
  • Properly warm up prior to practice and meets.
  • Be attentive and exhibit respect to coaches and teammates.
  • Attend training regularly.
  • Practice core values of caring, honesty, respect, responsibility, empowerment, leadership and wellness.
  • Encourage fellow teammates.



The following disciplinary measures will be taken if the rules and spirit of competition are violated:

1. Swimmer received a verbal warning.

2. Swimmer sits out that activity or event for 5-10 minutes, determined by age, and parents notified.

3. Swimmer will be asked to leave the activity or event for the day and parents notified.

4. Swimmer will be denied competitive swimming privileges for one meet/ parents notified.

5. Swimmer will be removed from the Blue Wave swim team for the season.

6. If any facilities or equipment are damaged, the swimmer and family will be responsible for the cost of the    repair or replacement.



Swimmers should be on deck with equipment ready at the time designated for his or her time slot. If an athlete is consistently late, the swimmer and parents will be notified.


Swimmers should attend practices regularly before participating in competition. The definition of regularly will be determined by the coaching staff. We understand that families today are very busy, therefore, we simply ask that you visit with the coaching staff should you foresee a problem with practice schedules.  Attendance is not taken, but just remember the more an athlete is at practice, the more improvement will be made.  Practice schedules are subject to change based on the coach’s decisions.  Swim level will ultimately be determined by the Head Coach.



All swimmers should display a healthy attitude during practice. This includes a positive attitude towards the workout, other swimmers and the coaches. Improper attitudes will be handled by coaching or aquatic staff.




Parent Information


Parent Code of Ethics

As a representative of my team, my Y, and my community, I will…

  • Provide positive support and encouragement for my swimmer.
    • Encourage good sportsmanship by modeling good sportsmanship to all swimmers, officials and coaches.
    • Place the emotional and physical well-being of my child ahead of my desire to see my child succeed.
    •     Support the decisions of my swimmer’s coaches, even if I have a different agenda.
    •     Remember that swim meets are a chance to improve upon previous times
    •     Provide transportation for my child to his or her competitive swimming events.
    •     Support my child’s responsibility to the team including attending practices, meets and team functions.
    •     Become involved for fundraising or volunteering when needed throughout the season.
    •     Read the handbook myself and to my child/children, so we all may be a successful Blue Wave Family.


As a swim parent, I pledge to…

  • Keep informed of swim team activities and events.
  • Volunteer to help run the home swim meets and State Meets.
  • Support my child both physically and emotionally throughout the season.
  • Attend the competitions whenever possible.
  • Help your child plan, set, strive and achieve their goals.
  • Be patient.  All swimmers develop at different paces.
  • Make sure my swimmer attends as many practice sessions as possible.
  • Instill a strong/healthy sense of sportsmanship, character and self-image.


Web Site


Swim team Information & Calendar: PRINT THESE OUT!

The calendar will give details of practice times, meets and areas of focus for the week, as well as any “special events,” i.e. pictures.  There is also general swim team information that in detail will guide new swimmers and parents through the start of their first season.  They can be found on the team web site


Look for swim team information that is posted on the white board in the Natatorium. Coaches will post special events, meet results and line-ups.  Ribbons, medals and notes that need to go home are located in the portable file box under the bulletin board.


Blue Wave Swim Team Parent Support Group

The Marshalltown YMCA-YWCA has a very unique, important and special group of volunteers, called the “Swim Team Parent Support Group” or may be referred to as STPSG. This group is comprised of volunteers that freely give of their time and support to make sure the swim team program runs efficiently. Each one of these individuals is vested in the program, as they each have child or children that are actively involved. Please consider becoming involved in the STPSG to support your child(ren).



Members of the Blue Wave Swim team will join together to raise funds by swimming lengths of the pool.  Swimmers will collect sponsorships from family members, friends, neighbors and local  businesses for each length that they will swim.  Each swimmer is allowed to swim a maximum of 200 lengths or their assigned swim time, whichever comes first. This distance represents about 2.84 miles.  Each year there are expenses that fall outside of the range of our normal operating income.  The funds raised will be used for new track style starting blocks to keep our facility in top shape for the state meets. This year’s swim-a-thon will be on December 12, 2017, during regular practice times.


 Swim Meet Sign ups

Meet sign up sheets will be done through our new website.  Look for more details and training on this.  All event sign ups are due by the end of practice on the Wednesday prior to the meet.  Last minute entries will only be accommodated if there is space in an existing heat, and no relays will be assigned.  Swimmers who repeatedly fail to sign up on time will not be permitted any last minute entries.


Away Meets

Swimmers are responisble for their owe transportation to away meets.  If a ride is needed please contact Shelley.






New this season!  We now have a “Team Store” on  to order team suits, practice suits or any other equipment you may need.







Unlike other programs that offer limited brands and products, you can choose from over 500 brands and 50,000 products to feature on your SwimOutlet Team Store! Customers receive free shipping on orders over $49 and a low price guarantee on all items. Not mention, you will earn 8-10% commission on select purchases made through your store. Simply share your SwimOutlet link in a variety of ways: on your website, Facebook, Twitter, through the free tools we offer, etc. This will bring them directly to our website - you don't have to do anything else.

If for any reason a Team Parent has a question about the ordering process or an order issue crops up, Customer Experience Team will be here to help them with the ordering process. Our award-winning customer service team is available 24/7 to answer customer inquiries.

Not only do we have our excellent Customer Experience team here help with questions, but takes care of the whole ordering process for you from start to finish. We place, take care of payment, pick and ship the order straight to the customer, allowing you focus on managing your team. 


Return Policy:  We want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase. will gladly accept returns on eligible items* in new and unused condition, with tags intact and packaging included within 60 days of the order shipment date for a full refund or store credit at your discretion. If you opt to receive store credit for your return, we will provide you with complimentary standard (2-6 business days) shipping on your next order with us! Shipping fees and gift wrapping on your initial order are non-refundable.

Practice Suit

This is a suit worn during practice sessions. These are typically made of nylon or polyester. The suit should be of the competitive style. Swimmers are encouraged not to wear their competition suit to practice, in order to keep them in good condition for swim meets.  We suggest having both a practice suit and a competition suit.  Make sure to rinse suits with clean tap water after practice to keep suits lasting longer.  A product called “Chlorout” can be found in the fish section at Wal-Mart that is also useful.


Competition Suit

A team racing suit is recommended for each swimmer that is competing but not required. This suit is usually 2 sizes smaller than the practice suit to reduce resistance and increase the glide through the water. Team suits are picked out and specified by coaching staff. See the above recommendations for caring for your suit.  We will be doing online ordering through Swimoutlet.

Team Suit: Speedo Havoc- Red/White/Blue.

Team suits can be ordered at anytime, starting now!





Silicone swim caps cut down resistance and protect hair from the effects of chlorine and pool chemicals.  Order forms are attached to paper work.  Forms are due to Shelley by October 19, 2017. PERSONALIZED TEAM CAPS come in packs of 2.  Swim caps will be ordered through swimoutlet but can NOT be ordered through our team store, the order will be placed as a team by Shelley.



Goggles are available in different types, colors and costs. Pay attention to the shape of the swimmer’s eye when purchasing for maximum safety and comfort.  Goggles are required


Water Bottle

Bring a plastic water bottle to practice to ensure proper hydration during practice.  NO GLASS on the pool deck.



Large thick towels are typically preferred by swimmers, but of course any regular towels will work.  Please plan for one towel on practice nights and at least 2 towels for meets


Sweats/ warmups

Some type of warm-up sweat suit should be worn at meets and to and from practice during cold weather. Athletic apparel should be worn by older swimmers during dry land exercise.  Warm clothing is highly recommended to avoid becoming chilled. 


Team Clothing

Available for purchase during the swim season.  Order forms will be available at practice and on the team website.  BlueWave apparel will be ordered through Adland Engraving.  Many new styles and options will be available. 


Volunteer Essentials

The success of BWST is dependent on the commitment of our staff, STPSG, and countless parents and community members who volunteer to support our youth.  Without this support, BWST could not sustain itself.  The best way to encourage your child’s love of swimming is to “join the sport”.


Volunteer Commitment:  Each competing swimmer’s family is required to make a volunteer commitment to the team.    Families will be scheduled to support home meets during the 2017-2018 swim season.  Each family is required, but not limited, to help at 3 home meets. Every family will participate in the State Meet held at our facility in some way, shape, or form since this is a big event for the community. 


Volunteer sign-ups will be through the team website.  At the start of the season, you will receive an email invitation to sign up for each meet.  This will be a first come first serve basis but all spots must be filled for the meets.  Please sign up as soon as the notifications come out. You will have until November 4, 2016 to choose your meets you wish to work.  After that date Shelley will assign all positions.  Please check in with the volunteer coordinator when you arrive to verify you are there to volunteer and accounted for. You will receive a volunteer name tag so that we make sure you are recognized for all of your hard work!


Families may choose to “Opt Out” of volunteering with a $25 per shift contribution per meet to the Blue Wave Swim Team.  The payment must be made one week prior to your scheduled work day.  Let Shelley know ASAP if you plan to do this.  If you do not show up for your scheduled work day you will be required to pay the $25 before your child will be allowed to compete in the next scheduled swim meet. 


Volunteers who complete their entire commitment will receive $10 off next season’s registration fee.

Plus  families working more than their required 3 meets will receive an additional $5.00 per meet off registration fees. Please note this does not include the intrasquad or state meet as everyone is required for that.  Limit one discount per registered family.  Discounts will be emailed out in a certificate form to families prior to the next season.   Maximum discount of $20 total.


 All parents are required to fill out an authorization form for a background check.  Anyone who is working with children is required to have a background check done.  Please note all information is strictly confidential.


Swim Official Training Certification

This training is available for anyone wishing to volunteer. Volunteers will learn how to time and officiate, as well as understand swimming rules. Certification courses are planned every fall prior to the start of the winter swim season. 

Training date:  October 9, 2017 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. This is a free training to Marshalltown Parents!  


The Officials

Officials are present at all competitions to implement the technical rule of swimming and to ensure that the competition is fair and equitable. All parents are encouraged to get involved with some form of officiating.

Timers (16) – Operate timing devices (stopwatches and automatic timing systems) and record official times per lane.

Stroke and Turn Judges (4) – Observe from each end of the pool and ensure that the rules relating to each stroke and/ or turn and/ or finishes are being followed. Fills out and turns in a “DQ slip” for infractions.

Starter (1) – Controls the flow of the meet. Directs start of each event.

Referee (1) – Has overall authority of the competition. Assigns and instructs all officials and volunteers. Decides all questions relating to the conduct of the meet.

Daktronic Operator (2) – Operates timing computers on deck; monitors equipment for problems

Hytek Operator (1) –Runs Meet Manager program; Uploads times into official results; verifies errors, DQ’s, etc.

Skybox media Operator (1) – Runs cameras, power points, Venus 7000 scoreboard, live video stream


Other Volunteer Duties


Staging Personnel (3) – Arranges the swimmers in their proper heats and lanes prior to an event.

Volunteer Coordinator (1) – checks in all volunteers the day of the meet; contact back up volunteers if needed.

Ribbon Personnel (2) – Place ribbon labels on appropriate ribbons and sort by team

Announcer (1) – Announce all events and staging numbers.

Program Sales (1) – arrive by 8am (when doors open) and sell programs until at least event number 25.

Food for Volunteer room (17)- Supply one or two of the following items for the volunteer room: water (24 pk.), chips (bag of 24 individual bags), veggies & veggie dip, fruit & fruit dip, sweets  

Team Parent (1-2) – travel to away meets and be responsible for the Blue Wave Swimmers in the team camp area.  Make sure they arrive to events on time and follow all core values of the Y at all times.