Athlete Education

Athlete Education

The following are articles from a variety of competitive swimming web sites. Many of these articles have been written and composed by some of the top professionals in the sport of competitive swimming, nutritionists, and various medical professionals.

The YNWLA/RRAC coaching staff encourages all parents and swimmers to reference this section regularly. You will find articles on everything from nutrition to the mental aspect of swimming.

Questions to Ask College Coaches

Proper Workout Nutrition

Disappointed But Not Disheartened: 3 Ways to Move Forward After a Tough Season Finale

Managing Last-Minute Negative Thinking and Doubts

When You Work Hard but Aren't Getting Faster

Attention Young Athlete: Is Supplementation Right For Your?

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Everyone Else

Trust The Process

What 5 Things College Coaches Are Looking For The Most

A Man Among Gods - D3 Swimmer Training With a D1 Team

Why Your Coach Makes You Train Your "Off" Strokes

Is Garbage Yardage Actually Really Important?

The Bad Habit That Drives Swim Coaches Crazy

6 Toxic Thoughts Every Swimmer Should Drop

Learning to Love Yourself

Want to Be Mentally Tougher? Sleep More

The Two Words Keeping You From Faster Swimming: "I CAN'T"

15 Signs You Are a Tapering Swimmer

How To Not Let Bad Results Effect You

Talent is Overrated: 7 Habits of Elite-Level Swimmers

This Year Try Being Grateful For The Setbacks In The Pool

Hydration: The Pinnacle of Athlete's Health


Fitness and Fatigue

Eat Right, Swim Faster - A Nutritional Guide

5 Things You Can't Control In The Pool

Trust The Process

Don't Think About Going Fast...

Heroes of Swimming History

How To Pace Your Race

Misconceptions About Fast Swimmers (especially #6)

History of Collegiate Swimming: First College Swim Championship

Teaching Age Group Swimmers Proper Pace Control & Race Strategy

Water vs. Sports Drinks-study

How to Beat Pre-Race Anxiety

Dolphin Kicks In Races

Energy Conservation and Management for High Performance

The 3 Most Popular Race Strategies in Swimming

Nutrition for Recovery

What's wrong with being confident? (Not Arrogant)

How Do Olympians Warmup? (Cody Miller Vlog)

Avoiding Low Back Pain...Read More

The swimming warm-down: often the first thing to get thrown out the window at the end of a session or after a bad race. Here is why you should commit to warming down after every race...Read more

Common Protein Mistakes Young Athletes Make: In the world of sports, protein has a magical aura. Some young athletes believe protein is the nutrient they cannot live without, and the one that should be maximized at all costs. Read More...


Nutritional Advice for Swimmers

When it comes to fueling your body for swimming, timing is everything. Most swimmers have heard they need carbohydrate, some protein and fat for proper nutrition. But knowing when to eat these nutrients is critical for optimal performance. Read more...


What is a Taper and What is in it?

The word taper in swimming is a word that we all come to know early in our swimming career. I’m not too sure whether or not we all really know what tapering is and why it is used... Read More....