Parent/Family Volunteer Expectations

Competitive Swimming is a sport which requires a significant amount of parental support in order to provide a high quality program for swimmers and families. A significant amount of this support comes from volunteerism at the competitions. Timers, officials and other jobs must be filled in order to provide an efficient swim meet experience for all at both home and away meets.

It is the expectation of RRAC and the YMCA that all families of registered swimmers will be available and willing to share in the volunteer responsibilities throughout the year at events that RRAC both attends and hosts. It is critical to the success of each event and to the long term sustainability of the program that all families actively participate in volunteering on a regular basis. While numerous of our wonderful families consistently volunteer far in excess of what would normally be expected, it is unreasonable to expect them to do so all the time and to be able to cover our program's needs alone.

In Louisiana and in many surrounding areas, it is common practice for host teams to assign visiting teams volunteer positions to fill for Timers. All meets rely on visiting teams for officials to properly staff competitions. For Home Hosted meets, it is the primary responsibility of the Host team to staff the meet while using volunteers from visiting teams in a lesser role. As RRAC continues to grow along with our Home Hosted events, it is becoming increasingly important that we have participation from all families in sharing needed volunteer responsibilities. Home Hosted events are important opportunities for our swimmers and the financial support and need for the program is ever increasing and important.

The Staff and Parent Advisory Committee look forward to everyone's involvement and working together for the betterment of our program and swimmers.

How to Signup to Volunteer at a Swim Meet (click)

Interested in becoming a certified USA Official? Click HERE to see the steps to take. All expenses are paid or reimbursed by the Y and Louisiana Swimming.