White Group


This is a competitive training group for ages 9 - 12 aimed at developing advanced technical skills in all four strokes and a strong aerobic foundation. Skills will be taught with an emphasis on fun and teamwork in order to continue to ensure that all athletes develop a long-term love for the sport.

Athletes will also focus on starts, turns, underwater streamline work. Swimmers will also participate in some basic dryland conditioning emphasizing basic core body strength. Volume and intensity of both kicking and swimming will increase throughout the season. The YOTA mission and vision and YMCA core principles will serve as the cornerstone of our teaching.

Evaluation Guidelines for Entry into White Group

  • Only swimmers ages 9-12 will be evaluated for the White group. Swimmers who will turn 9 within three months of the evaluation date may be evaluated at the discretion of the coaching staff.

Requirements for Entry into White Group

To be considered for placement into the White group swimmers must first be able to complete the Goals of the Green group. In addition, swimmers must be able to complete each of the following training sets and performance criteria:

  • 8 x 50 Free with flip-turns on 1:00 (SCY)
  • 8 x 50 Choice Kick on 1:20 (SCY)
  • 12 x 25 on :40 (SCY) – 4 Butterfly, 4 Backstroke, 4 Breaststroke

Practice & Meet Attendance Expectations

  • 3-4 workouts per week
  • Swimmers are required to participate in at least one 2-day meet per month, as well as the highest level championship meet they are qualified for at the end of each season.

Group Outcomes (As Outlined in the Athlete Progression Model)

Skills in Water
  • Distance Per Stroke
  • Strong Consistant Kick
  • Continued Development of underwater kick
  • Breath Control
  • Body Awareness/Balance
  • Refined Starts, Turns, and Strokes
  • Intro to Race Strategy
  • Proper Lane Ettiquette
In-water Training
  • Core Development
  • Flexibility
  • Advanced Coordination for Dryland
  • Introduction to Interval Training
  • Introduction to Warm-up/Cool Down
  • Utilization of Pace Clock
  • Introduction to Team-Wide Test Set
Character Development
  • Daily Implementation of YMCA Core Values
  • Team Culture
  • Introduction to Community Service
  • Goal Setting
  • Developing Ownership & Accountability
  • Healthy Lifestyle Education
Meets and Competition
  • Importance of Relay
  • 200/500 Free
  • Ability to Swim Legally 50/100's of all Strokes & 200 IM
  • Increased Participation in Long Course
Group Goals
  • Progression to Purple Group
  • Achievement of Motivational Time Standards
  • Attendance at Championship Level Meets
  • Teach & Focus on Long-term Development Process

Locations Offered