Purple Group


This is a competitive training group for ages 10 - 13 designed to prepare swimmers for state and regional levels of competition.  The emphasis of the Purple group is on mastering the following skills necessary to be successful competitive swimmers – training etiquette, advanced stroke mechanics, race strategies, goal setting, proper nutrition, mental preparation, and the ability to handle increasing training workloads.

Swimmers will participate in a dryland program to help develop core body strength, basic strength in the shoulders and legs, and overall body control and coordination.

Evaluation Guidelines for Entry into Purple Group
Only swimmers ages 10-13 will be evaluated for the Purple group. Swimmers who will turn 10 within 3 months of the evaluation date may be evaluated at the discretion of the coaching staff.

Requirements for Entry into Purple Group
To be considered for placement into the Purple group swimmers must first be able to complete the Goals of the White Group. In addition, swimmers must be able to complete each of the following training sets and performance criteria:

  • 10 x 100 Free on 1:30 (SCY)
  • 10 x 100 IM on 1:45 (SCY)
  • 10 x 100 Choice Kick on 1:50 (SCY)
  • 500 Free Faster than 6:45 (SCY)
  • 200 IM Faster than 2:50 (SCY)

Practice & Meet Attendance Expectations

  • Swimmers in the Purple group are required to attend five out of six practices offered per week. Athletes who fail to meet this requirement, evaluated over each month, will be moved to the group that best matches their ability level.
  • Swimmers are required to participate in at least one 3-day meet per month. Swimmers are also expected to attend the highest-level championship meet they qualify for at the end of both the short and long-course seasons.

Group Outcomes (YOTA Athlete Progression Model) 

Skills in Water
  • Distance Per Stroke
  • Excellent Kick
  • Develop a Feel for the Water
  • Great Turns & Details
  • Maintain Excellent Body Balance
  • Learn Proper Lane Etiquette
In-Water Training
  • Adding Intensity to Dryland
  • Core/Body Strength
  • Stretching/Flexibility
  • Training Outside "Comfort Zone"
  • Importance of Warm-up/Cool Down
  • Introduce Test Sets
  • Learn: Decend, Negative Split, Build, and awareness of Pace in Practice and Races
  • Master Clock Awareness
Character Development
  • Showcase YMCA Core Values
  • Develop Coach/Swimmer Relationship
  • More Ownership/Accountability
  • Understanding Commitment to Sport
  • Goal Setting
  • Understanding relationship between work ethic and meet performance
  • Positive Attitude
  • Living a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Focus on Academic Development
Meets & Competition
  • Learning Importance of Relays (TEAM)
  • 400IM/200 Strokes
  • 1000/1650
  • Track IMX Score
  • Long Course Emphasis
Group Goals
  • Progression to Silver 1 or Silver 2
  • Focus on All Four Strokes
  • Focus on All Events, Regardless of Distance
  • Strive to Achieve NCS AG Champs, AG Sectionals & Capital Classic Cuts

Locations Offered