Silver 2 Group


This is a highly competitive training group for ages 13 and older designed to prepare swimmers for state, regional, and national levels of competition. The emphasis will be on increased aerobic conditioning, skill development, and the physical, mental and emotional preparation required for potential placement in the Gold group.

This group will focus on issues such as advanced stroke mechanics, perfecting race strategies, proper nutrition, individual goal setting and developing an understanding of the importance of proper mental preparation. Training will include a specifically designed dry land conditioning program.

Requirements for Entry into Silver 2 Group

To be considered for placement into the Silver group, swimmers must be able to complete each of the following training sets and performance criteria:

  • 10 x 100 Free on 1:15 (SCY)
  • 4 x 400 Free on 5:20 (SCY)
  • 8 x 200 IM on 3:00 (SCY)
  • 10 x 100 Choice Kick on 1:45(SCY)
  • Competitive experience at the NCS Age Group Championships
  • Qualified to compete at Capital Classic in at least TWO events (13 & over standards)
  • Excel in team-wide test sets throughout the season

Practice & Meet Attendance Expectations

  • Swimmers are required to attend 100% of practices offered. Athletes are required to notify their coach in a timely manner (via text, email or phone call) if they are unable to attend a practice and give a reason why they won't be at practice.
  • Swimmers are expected to attend all meets prescribed by the Silver II group coach including the highest-level championship meet that the swimmer qualifies for during both the short- and long-course seasons. Focus meets for this group during the short and long course season are the NCS Senior/Age Group Championships and YMCA Nationals.

Group Outcomes (As Outlined in the YOTA Athlete Progression Model)

Skills in Water
  • Distance Per Stroke
  • Excellent Turns
  • Great Kick - Especially Underwater Dolphin Kick
  • Focus on Details
  • Consistent work ethic and performance at each and every workout
In-Water Training
  • Very Intense Dryland
  • Aerobic Development
  • Training Further Outside your Comfort Zone
  • Demonstrate ability to descend, build, negative split
  • Know pacing for different races
  • Showcase awareness of times and splits in practice
Character Development
  • Living the YMCA Core Values
  • Develop Communication and further build Coach/Swimmer Relationship, Leadership,Volunteerism and Philanthropy
  • Attitude of Gratitude
  • Develop Perseverance
  • Dedication to one sport
  • Estabilish a vision for your swimming future
  • Zero Tolerance for Negativity
  • Live a Healthy Lifestyle
Meets & Competition
  • Relays! Relays! Relays!
  • Lead team at NCS Age GRoup Champs, NCS Senior Champs & Capital Classic
  • Track your IMX Score
  • Qualify for LC Y-Nationals
  • Long Course Emphasis
Group Goals
  • Progression to Gold Group
  • Focus on ALL Strokes and ALL events, regardless of distance
  • Score at NCS Age Group Champs, Sectionals and Capital Classic
  • Qualify for YMCA Nationals

Locations Offered