Platinum Group


This training group is for those swimmers ages 14 and older who are committed to competing on the national and international level. Athletes will have competed at their last NCS Age Group Championships before moving to the Platinum group. Training is geared toward preparing swimmers for success at the YMCA National, U.S. National, and Olympic Trials levels of competition. The highest level of commitment and attendance are required in order to participate in this group.

Swimmers will participate in a specifically designed strength and conditioning program focused on building functional strength and muscular endurance. Team and individual goal setting, as well as mental preparation, will also be stressed in this training group.

Requirements for Entry into Platinum Group

Swimmers will enter the Platinum group only upon invitation of the Head Coach/ Director of Competitive Swimming.

  • 3 SC YMCA National Qualifying Standards
  • Willingness to Provide Leadership to the Program to Help YOTA to Unprecedented Levels of Success
  • Focused on Taking Next Steps Towards Collegiate Swimming Competition
  • Possess High Performance Goals at the National and International Level
  • Excel in Senior-wide Test Sets Throughout the Season

Practice & Meet Attendance Expectations

  • 100% Attendance
  • Athlete Must Communicate with Coach if you are Unable to Attend a Workout and Discuss Alternative Workout Plan
  • Morning Workouts are Highly Encouraged
  • Summer Training is a Priority

Group Outcomes (As Outlined in the YOTA Athlete Progression Model)

Skills in Water
  • Distance Per Stroke
  • Intense Focus on Details - Especially Turns and Underwaters
  • Self-Commitment to becoming a better athlete
  • Raising Minimum Standards for Daily Work Ethic and Attention to Technique
  • Bringing and Attitude of Eagerness to Excel to New Levels in Training and Racing
In-Water Training
  • Most Challenging and Highest Level of Training (Both In Water and on Dry Land
  • Focus on Championship Performane and Prepacing Athletes for National, International, and NCAA Competition
Character Development
  • Leading with the YMCA Cor Values
  • Excellent Coach/Swimmer Relationship Build;d around Honest Communication and Volunteerism and Philanthropy
  • Academics
  • Living a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Making Mature Decisions Away from the Pool
  • Time Management Skills
Meets & Competition
  • Relays! Relays! Relays!
  • Team Success at YMCA Nationals and other National Meets
  • Track Your IMX Score
  • Qualify for Jr./Sr. Nationals and Olympic Trials
  • Long Course Emphasis
Group Goals
  • Prepare Athletes for Success in NCAA Swimming and Beyond
  • Secure YMCA Nationals Team Titles by Scoring at YMCA Nationals
  • Qualify for Jr/Sr Nationals and Olympic Trials

Locations Offered