Practice Groups

Practice Groups
TheTorpedoes Swim Team is broken into ability based practice groups. Please see the below explanation of the practice groups:


Senior – This group is meant for swimmers that are aiming to qualify for local and national events/championships. Entry to the Senior group is by the invitation from VFY coaching staff only. In this group, swimmers will be challenged with rigorous pool and dryland workouts while continuing to improve skills and stroke mechanicsRequirements: Selection by VYF Coaches and 100% attendance.

Pre-Senior – The pre senior group is for swimmers who have mastered the basic fundamentals of each stroke and are physically and mentally prepared for more rigorous training. In this group, swimmers will be instructed on advanced stroke mechanics and skills. Training will become more of an emphasis in this group, with a focus on aerobic capacity and individual medley proficiency. Swimmers will be educated on advanced race strategies and will begin to participate in dryland activities. It is encouraged that swimmers attend a minimum of four practices per week in the Pre-Senior group.


Age Group – The Age Group level is for swimmers that are proficient in all strokes, starts, and turns. The coaches will place the emphasis on stroke development and learning in this group, with some aerobic individual medley work. Skills and drills will be worked on at all practices and basic race strategies will begin to be taught. It is encouraged that swimmers attend three practices per week in the Age Group level.


Discovery – So, you have taken swim lessons or participated on a recreational team? Now it is time to discover the world of competitive swimming! In the Discovery group, swimmers will learn the skills necessary for success in competitive swimming in a fun and supportive environment. Swimmers only need to be able to swim one length of the pool of freestyle and backstroke to be placed in the Discovery group. The coaches will teach all four strokes, starts, and turns. Swimmers will also be educated on the rules and etiquette of swim meets and practices. Fun and games will also be incorporated into practices to keep young swimmers interested and engaged.  All swimmers aged 8 and under are Discovery.