Swimmer/Parent Responsibilities


Swimmers Responsibilities: 

  •  Show support for your teammates. Show good sportsmanship always! Cheer for all teammates, not just your close friends. 
  • Attend practice regularly and have fun!
  •  Show appreciation to your parents.  
  • Be humble and gracious in defeat. Offer congratulations to my opponents an teammates. 
  • Older swimmers should set a good example and be supportive of the younger swimmers.         
  •  Attend meets. 
  •  Talk to your coach after your events at every meet.
  •  Ask questions if you do not understand the coaches instructions. 
  •  Participate in team fundraisers. 
  •  Follow coaches rules for training and behavior. 
  •  Be on your best behavior at meets. 
  •  Be on your best behavior in locker rooms. 
  •  Clean up after yourselves at meets and practices. 
  •  Be respectful to your coaches. 
  •   Understand there are no electronics on the pool deck. 
  •  Understand that physical harm and threat of physical harm to any individual will not be tolerated.
  •  Understand that possession, or being under the influence, of alcohol, chemicals or illegal drugs, will result in immediate expulsion from the swim team.

Parents Responsibilties: 

  •   Encourage your swimmer.
  •  Have fun. 
  •  Participate in team fundraisers. 
  •   Complete your required volunteered work. 
  •   Get your swimmer to practice on time. 
  •   Pick your swimmer up on time. 
  •   Check your swimmers folder at Splash Zone regularly. 
  •   Know the meet schedule and ensure your swimmer arrives in a timely fashion and is marked and ready to swim. 
  •   Check your email and the team site regularly. Please ensure the team has your current email and contact info.
  • Be supportive and loving of your swimmer at all times.