Swim CAPS & League RULES


SILICONE Caps $10.00 each               



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League Rules on CAPS!

The rule states that they can wear any cap as long as it does not have a logo from another club or organization on it and the normal manufacturer logo is within 3.1 square inches. So technically a decorated like a fish cap would be OK. At the coaches meeting what was told to the coaches was no cap but Team or Solid cap at Divisional or Championship Meets to alleviate any issues at those meets. So any team caps or caps without another team logo or that has the normal Speedo or TYR , etc logo are OK. Still no fins on top that is the aid rule. 102.8.2 Insignia — Swimmers may wear the insignia and/or name of the club or organization they represent or of which they are a member or the insignia of their FINA National Federation or Organizing Committees for Olympic, World, Continental or Regional Championships, except as otherwise provided in 202.6.3 for international competition and in FINA rules GR5 and GR6. Swimmers shall not be allowed to wear the insignia and/or name of any club or organization which they are not entitled to represent in open competition, if such action is objectionable to that club or organization..

3 Advertising A Advertising means the normal display of the name, designation, trademark, logo, or any other distinctive sign of the manufacturer of the item or any other advertiser permitted shall not be considered as advertisements. Logos of the swimwear manufacturer shall be considered as advertising and are included in the limits described in (1) through (3) below. In the competition venue or complex of all events conducted by and under the control of USA Swimming or any LSC or division thereof, advertising appearing on swimwear is allowed as follows  (1) Swimsuits — A total of two separate advertising logos of a maximum size of 20 square centimeters (3.1 sq. in.) each, as measured as applied, shall be permitted. 102.8.1