Parent Meet Volunteer Positions

Volunteer Position


Colorado Operator (requires training)/Trainee

Assists coaching staff with set-up of timing system. Operates console throughout the meet.

Computer Operator (requires training)/Trainee

Operates Meet Manager and verify results. Must stay through the conclusion of the meet until results are completed.

Head Timer

Serve as a back-up to timers. Staying until the last heat of the last events is out of the water regardless of “provide your own timer” events. Must attend timer’s meeting.


Use a stopwatch and plunger to time heats, write times on sheets. Must attend timer’s meeting. Often will be required to time one half session. (Must be at least 13)

Relief Timers

Responsible to relieve the timers for whatever reason. Relief Timers should be on hand so that the Head Timers can find them easily in order to direct them to whatever lane needs a break.


Runs the concessions during meets. Reports to Head of Concessions.


Collect timer’s sheets and DQ slips and deliver them to the computer operator during meet.


Acts as lead official. Responsible for starting each race heat and overseeing the meet. This position requires training and experience.

Official Stroke & Turn Judge

During a heat, monitors swimmers’ strokes and their turns. If a swimmer is performing an illegal stroke or turn, the S&T Judge is responsible for disqualifying them from the race. This position requires formal training. Please let the Volunteer Coordinator know if you would be interested in being trained for this position.

Official Finish Judge

Stands at the finish of the race and visually determines the order if finish of the swimmers. This position requires training.


Sets up the pool area and concessions for the swim meet. This position requires time prior to home meets early Saturday morning.

Take Down

During the last few minutes of a meet the crew begins taking down and storing items in preparation of the end of the meet.

10 & Under Coordinator

Works with a partner to round up the 10 & under swimmers and have them in the staging area prior to their event. You will receive a psych sheet with the list of events and the names of all the swimmers who are swimming that event.