High School Swimmers

The Y Neptune Swim Team offers both pre-season training and full-season training for high school athletes.

Option 1: Pre-season conditioning runs from Sept. 14th - Oct. 30th for athletes that practice with their high school swim teams.  No membership is required, and athletes do not compete with Neptunes.

FEE: $100 members/$150 non-members


Option 2: Pre/post season training runs Sept 14th - Oct. 30th as well as one more month after their High School season ends. Membership required, and athletes compete with Neptunes.

FEE: $150 (Y members only) - Discount will be taken during checkout


Option 3: Independent High School swimmers practice and compete with the Neptunes for the full season.

FEE: $300 (Y membership required)


Participating in Neptune Meets

High School swimmers who wish to compete at YMCA championship meets (Zones and/or Nationals) must have a YMCA membership and compete in at least three YMCA dual and/or invitational meets. YMCA dual and invitational meets schedules can be found under the Team Info tab. 



USA Swimming

For more information on USA Swimming, click on the USA Swimming tab.