The success of the swim team and the swim season depends on parents. BCY established a STPC (Swim Team Parents Committee) to help organize parent volunteers. The STPC enables the swim team to function by organizing parent support at each swim event.

The YMCA Head Coach sanctions the STPC annually. All parents and coaches are members of the STPC. The STPC elects officers and raises funds as needed for the team.

If you have a somewhat more limited time to help, you may be interested in volunteering in a position that does not involve attending the monthly meetings but will still keep you very involved in the team.

Please note that these positions are in addition to the volunteering all parents must do at the individual dual meets. 



Current Contact

Position Description


Darlene Garrow

Responsible for running STPC meetings and organizing parent volunteers. They can also act as liaisons between the Y's aquatic department, coaches, and swim team families.

Vice President

Jill Bice  

Works with coaches and the president to insure all actions are in lined with the values of the Y.



Works with the head coach in order to manage the STPC account. The treasurer takes care of the cash box, deposits funds raised and tracks expenditures and earnings. 

Corresponding/ Recording Secretary:

Danielle Peck

Records minutes of STPC meetings and distributes them to the board for approval.

Coach Representative:  

Seth Dippold

Attends STPC meetings on behalf of the coaching staff.

League Representative:  

Jill Bice

Represents the BCY swim team at summer and winter league meetings and reports league updates to the STPC board.

Meet Set Up & Equipment Coordinator:   

Tony Scheivert


Scott Speakman 

Makes a meet set-up and equipment checklist, organizes parent volunteers to set up and take down equipment for meets. Organizes volunteers to help test and maintain the equipment.

Social  Coordinator:  

 Nicole Griffin,
Missy Layden
 Lori Verlinghieri


Organizes volunteers for various activities such as social/welcome events, team parties, summer potluck, swim team breakfast, outings, etc.

Spirit Coordinator

Teri Speakman

Organizes spirit wear and swim team apparel.  Designs and manages orders for spirit wear, ie: districts t-shirts, championship t-shirts, etc. Places orders for senior gifts at the end of winter season.

Banquet Coordinator:  

Eva Lennon

Finds and presents options for locations to STPC board, works with YMCA to coordinate schedule and budget. Organizes volunteers to help with invitations, programs, decorations, etc.

Volunteer Coodinators:  


Toni Harris

Christy Inners

 Organizes parent volunteers to run all aspects of   a swim meet or other swim related event.

(Boys) Becca O'Toole 

Snack Bar Coordinators:  

 (Girls) Erin Schievert

 Organizes parent volunteers to donate items for snack bar and volunteers to run snack bar.

 (Boys) Danielle Peck

Team Apparel Coordinator:  

Seth Dippold

Connects with coaches and vendors to plan and schedule team suit orders and other gear. 

Team Records Coordinator:


 Manages and organizes all aspects of Meet Manager.

Website Coordinator:




 Organizes and manages the TeamUnify Website.