1) What is a “Dual” Meet? 

These are included in your swim team fees.  They are when we swim one other team only. Parent volunteers are needed to help at these meets or they will not start on time. 

2) What is an “Invitational” Meet?

These meets may have an extra fee per event; unlike dual meets the swimmers may choose their events.  Some have restrictions based on age, qualifying times etc. 

Multiple teams are in attendance, some do last 4-6 hours. 

3) What is USA Swimming Meet and fees?

USA swimming is a competitive swimming program; the decision to join USA Swimming is made only by the Head Coach.  USA Swimming has meets that are all over the Mid-Atlantic area.  Swimmers will pay per event. For more info, visit www.usaswimming.org  Swimmers typically swim the age they are on the day of meet

4) Do I need to volunteer at meets?

YES!  We expect every parent to help at meets.  There are many different ways to help the team and many are easy to learn!  You can mark positions you are interested in on the Swimmer registration form. 

5) Do I need to fill all these papers (team forms) out?

Yes!  Your swimmer(s) may not be able to participate at practices or meets if we do not have your paperwork, please fill them out and hand them into to one of the Coaches. 

6) Definitions for the following you will see on Meet programs:

NT- No Time.  Your swimmer has yet to swim a time in the event

DQ- Disqualification.

“X” – Exhibition. Your swimmer is not being scored in this event.

“Live Heat”- Only the first heat of each event is a live, scored heat.

NS - No show. Your swimmer did not swim in a scheduled event

7) Why is the Pool Deck "Parent Free" during practice?

Studies have shown, and we have found that swimmers practice much better, and pay more attention when their parents are not on the deck. We ask that if you feel you need to be on deck, do so rarely. If you do come on deck, you need to sit on the bleachers between pool doors, not by the windows, on the benches, on white tubs, or window sills. Also, please do not speak to your child during practice unless it is an emergency. We have many group fitness classes, an outside track, a Wellness Center, and member Lounge to utilize. 

8) Suits & Caps 

All swimmers will need our team suit for all Dual Meets. Older swimmers may use Tech suits at Championship Meets, USA and Invitational meets only. Practice suits can be any competition suit. Team caps must be worn at all meets if swimmer wears a cap. Each swimmer will receive a Team cap. 

9) Meters & Yards  

Our  pool is a 25 Meter pool, some pools will be 25 Yards  so make sure you look at program. The Meter pool times are “slower” then Yard times as meters pool are longer.