SwimMeet 101

General Meet Rules

  • Parents are only allowed on the pool deck during meets if they are volunteering. All other parents must remain in the bleachers.
  • Swimmers need to stay on deck with swimmers except to go to restroom or snack bar but must let a coach know. 
  • Swimmers are expected to behave in ALL locker rooms and represent the BCY Swim Team in a positive light.
  • It is a good idea to let your swimmer know where to meet you after the meet. 
  • Swimmers are expected to stay until the end of all dual meets to cheer on their teammates and participate in the BCY Team Cheer.
  • Relays will be decided by the Head Coach.

When should we arrive for meets?

  • It is important for the swimmers to be on time for meets. Swimmers must be on the deck, ready to swim 15 minutes before warm-ups. Meet warm-up times are posted on the bulletin board and the team website. Some meets have multiple warm up times, if unsure contact coaches.

􏰀Is there transportation to the away meets?

  • It is the responsibility of the parent / guardian to get all swimmers to/from and meets. Swimmers may not ride with coaches to or from meets.

􏰀​How long are dual meets?

  • YMCA Dual Meets last approximately 3 - 4 hours. Championships and Invitational Meets can last all day. All parents are required to work home meets and may be asked to volunteer at away meets. Please make necessary arrangements for younger children.

􏰀Will there be food available at the meets?

  • The YMCA hosts a snack bar at all home meets. Parents are responsible for donating food and their time to run the snack bar.

􏰀How should I dress for the swim meets?

  • Dress comfortably for warm, humid conditions. Pool areas are usually quite warm regardless of the weather outside. Dress in layers that can be removed based on your comfort level at the pool. Summer meets are held outdoors. Please dress accordingly.

􏰀Where should I park at home meets?

  • For home meets, drop off swimmers at the door and park in the YMCA parking lots. Parking along Hurley Road and in the Handicap spaces will result in tickets. For away meets, follow the directions of the host YMCA.

􏰀How can I show my support for our team?

  • Be sure to exhibit your best sportsmanship and team spirit. Cheering for your team during a meet is great! At the end of the season the coaches vote on the team showing the most sportsmanship and team spirit. The winning teams are given a large banner to hang in their pool area. 


What should we bring to a meet?

  • Swimmers need to bring to each meet: team suit, goggles, team caps, towels, comfy clothes, change of dry clothes, snacks, drinks, money for snack bar, activities (cards, crayons, coloring books, etc. Some swimmers bring ipods, ds’s, etc however we are not responsible for lost or stolen items). It is not a good idea to wear brand new, never been worn goggles to a meet.

  • An extra towel or blanket for your swimmer to sit on while they are waiting.

  • Some invitationals allow parents and swimmers to wait together, usually in a gym. Keep a chair in your trunk for these situations (unless you want to sit on a gym floor!)

  • Snacks and drinks and/or money for the snack bar.

  • At dual meets you are welcome to volunteer to help pass the time. Books, magazines, a laptop or work help pass the time while you wait at invitationals and USA meets.

  • A lightweight sweater or sweatshirt comes in handy. The pool area is often very warm but the waiting area at invitationals and USA meets usually are not.