Reading List


  • 10 Characteristics of a Great Athlete
  1. The have self confidence.

  2. The have a well developed competitive routine and plan.

  3. They have total commitment to the pursuit of excellence.

  4. They have a plan for quality mental preparation.

  5. They have a positive attitude.

  6. They use goal setting and imagery.

  7. They have skills for dealing with distractions and unexpected events.

  8. They have heightened concentration.

  9. They employ positive self-talk.

  10. They have FUN!

  • 10 Mental Mistakes Athletes Make
  1. Giving their opponent more credit than he/she deserves.

  2. Not going to bed earlier two nights before a competition.

  3. Thinking they are better than they are when they win.

  4. Thinking they are worse than they are when they lose.

  5. Not regularly practicing and applying slow deep breathing.

  6. Not listening to relaxing piano music hours prior to competing.

  7. Devaluing the importance of rest and recovery time.

  8. Thinking that playing video games is quality resting time.

  9. Not taking enough self responsibility for poor performance.

  10. Making sports a false idol they believe will fulfill them. 

  11. Bonus: Failing to realize how you practice is how you play.

  • Better Choices Great Athletes Make 
  1. Choose the desk over the bed immediately after dinner.
  2.  Run every decision through the filter of, "is this wise?"
  3. Keep a consistent sleep schedule every day of the week.
  4.  Use sequential thinking: processing things from A-B-C-D.
  5. When emotions override intelligence, decision making waits.
  6. Say yes to a few great opportunities and no to many good ones.
  7. Channel negative feelings into something productive.
  8. Bonus: When the attention is on them, they lift teammates up.