Entering the Pool Area

 Entering the Pool Area:

  • All swimmers MUST shower off before entering the pool deck. After checking in at the front desk, swimmers will enter the regular locker rooms (not the family locker rooms). Swimmers may remove their masks to rinse off in the showers, but they must put their masks back on to leave the locker room to enter the pool deck.
  • NOTHING is to be left in the locker rooms. Swimmers must take all of their items with them.
  • Upon entering the swim deck, swimmers should turn to their left, walk past both big sets of bleachers, then turn right to go to our team bleachers (under the giant scoreboard that displays the swimmers' times at meets). Swimmers will drop their swim bags on designated spots by our team bleachers. It is important that swimmers stay with their gear, away from each other, until directed to move to their lanes by a coach. Coach Seth will be on deck to help guide swimmers and let them know where to go.
  • No swimmer will be able to borrow Y equipment. There will be no team-wide use of kick boards, buoys, paddles, or flippers. If your child owns their own equipment, they may bring it, but they may not leave it at the Y. Swim bags should contain 2-3 towels, goggles, water bottle, caps, clothes, and athletic shoes. Swimmers ABSOLUTELY should have a back-up pair of goggles and a backup cap (and maybe a third of each). There will be no sharing goggles or caps and while some have come to rely on the extra caps and goggles that we tend to have at practice, we will not be able to loan them nor will swimmers be allowed to borrow from other swimmers. 
  • Swimmers may not touch anything that belongs to another swimmer.
  • Swimmers may not help another swimmer put on a cap or goggles. 
  • Water bottles - swimmers will bring their own bottles, completely filled. We do have access to a water fountain for refills of water bottles only. No drinking from water fountains will be allowed & we will not have spare bottles of water or cups for anyone who forgets theirs.