Things to Bring

Things to Bring:

  • 2-3 towels (one towel will be reserved in case we need to leave the deck due to thunder and lightning -- this towel will be placed on the floor for dryland). Children will not be permitted to leave the pool deck after practice if they are dripping water on the floor. Please have them pack enough towels to get as dry as possible.
  • Clothes to wear after practice. To keep the dripping water to a minimum, swimmers will be asked to put clothes on top of their swimsuit before leaving the deck.
  • 2 pairs of shoes -- athletic shoes in case we need to do dryland & slides or flip flops for when leaving the pool deck. Swimmers must be wearing shoes to leave the pool deck (and they must be wearing shoes when they arrive to the Y).
  • Goggles -- multiple pairs.
  • Caps -- more than one.
  • Water bottle(s) with name on it -- filled with water before arriving.
  • Gear -- This includes kick boards, fins/flippers, buoys, and paddles.  What does your child need?
  • Bag -- everything your child brings needs to be kept in a bag. 
  • Y key tag for scanning into the building.