Get involved, help make your child's swim team experience be the best it can be! Parent Volunteers are essential to a successful swim team program. There will be lots of opportunities throughout the season for Meet Volunteers, but we also have Seasonal Jobs, which are volunteer jobs you agree to do for the duration of the season. For any questions related to volunteering or to sign up for a Seasonal Job for the 2018-2019 season, please contact Heather Wauls at hwauls@verizon.net

Seasonal Jobs

Holiday Party: (can create a committee if desired)

  • Secure gymnasium at Y

  • Prepare communications (flyer, blurb for website, email, etc)

  • Collect $, track head count

  • Order pizzas

  • Arrange for pizzas to come to Y

  • Prepare or coordinate gym set-up and clean-up (tables/chairs)

  • Send drink and snack needs to Volunteer VP (for website posting)

  • Prepare games, fun activities, and/or music if desired


Meet Volunteer Coordinator

  • Greet all swim families at the main entrance for league meets, ensure swimmers sign in

  • Home Meets: Ensure all visiting swim teams and families sign in

  • Ensure all meet volunteers (from Gators team) check in and know where/when to report for their chosen jobs;

  • Follow up with volunteers throughout meet to ensure all volunteer responsibilities are being met

  • Provide confirmed volunteer list to VP of Volunteers at start of meet

  • Direct all visiting swimmers to locker rooms

  • Away Meets: check in all Gator volunteers (timers, officials, etc)


Scorer's Table Runner: 

  • During home meets, this person will stay at Scorer's Table and gather sheets from the timers and place judges, and deliver to the scorers table.

  • During home meets, retrieve stopwatch times from timers as needed


Snack Stand Set-Up Helper:

  • Arrives at 11:00am on home meet days (10/13, 11/10, 12/8, 1/19)
  • Brings 3-4 bags of ice for coolers (bring receipt to snack stand for reimbursement)
  • Helps set up snack stand
  • Work the snack stand until regular shift volunteers start at 1:00pm


Food Prepper: all food supply costs will be reimbursed with proper receipt(s)

  • Buys and prepares 4lbs pasta salad for every home meet; 2lbs with salami and 2lbs without salami
  • Brings receipt(s) for food purchases to snack stand at 11:45am for reimbursement


Snack Stand Food Shopper:

  • At the end of each meet, completes food inventory (from closet) with the snack stand coordinator
  • At the same time as completing inventory, ensure that all equipment being returned to the closet is put away in the appropriate place. Help keep the closet neat and orderly. 
  • Prior to the home meets (10/13, 11/10, 12/8, 1/19), goes food shopping for all necessary items. 
  • Brings all purchased items to YMCA by 11:00am on meet days
  • Brings receipt(s) for food purchases to snack stand for reimbursement


Meet Volunteers

Deck Parent Monitor: Needs to be accessible on pool deck during meets to monitor pool area entry;  Prevents parents from entering the deck; Monitors swimmer bathroom breaks, snack stand runs, etc. 

Timers – Using provided stopwatch and/or plunger, time and record each race in a specific lane. Timers are expected to lean over the pool edge to see the swimmer touch the wall. This job is very easy and gives you the chance to see each race up close! No prior experience is necessary. Parents are not allowed to use cell phones while timing.

Back Up Timers- Act as a timer and be prepared to step in for another timer who missed a start. Provide restroom breaks for timers as needed.

Coaches Concierge- Ensure all timers, coaches, and meet officials have water. Provide restroom breaks for timers, runners, and finish judges as needed. Empty pool deck trash cans as needed. 

Place Judge - The place judge stands at the end of pool and writes down which lane finishes 1st, 2nd, etc. No technical knowledge of swimming is required, but it does require the ability to focus your attention for close races. No prior experience necessary. Parents are not allowed to use cell phones while judging.

Stroke and Turn Judge - These judges follow the action poolside and observe swimmers to be sure they are performing legal strokes and turns. Illegal strokes, kicks, and turns are reported to the referee to ensure fair competition. Level I Certification is required. A Certification Class will be offered prior to the first swim meet.

Referee/Starter - This judge signals the start of each heat and is in charge of all 'wet side' administration and decisions. Level II Certification is required. A Certification Class will be offered prior to the first swim meet. (home meets only)

Pool Deck Clean-Up- Assist in returning both lifeguard stands to appropriate locations; assist in returning bleachers to Martin pool deck; assist in removing outside lane lines in lanes 1 and 6; assist in returning timing equipment to supply closet; assist in cleaning up trash on pool deck. No prior experience needed.

Snack Stand- Snack stand volunteers will sell food, work cash box, and assist in cleaning up of snack stand, including: cleaning out coolers, cleaning hot dog roller, returning supplies to Swim Team closet. No prior experience needed.