What to Pack/Expect

What to Expect and Pack for a League Meet:

-Entire team participates

-Coaches set the line up and will decide what events each swimmer will compete in

-Print out of the events by swimmer will be posted in spectator area

-Parents DO NOT come on pool deck unless volunteering

-Swimmers sit on pool deck with team


-Swimmers are expected to watch the meet and chear on teammates

-ALL swimmers are expected to stay until the meet concludes

-Swimmers should pack extra towels, caps and goggles

-Swimmers should pack plenty of water and healthy snacks

-Pack cash for concessions

-Parents will be able to hear the meet and hear the announcer call what event is about to start

What to Pack and Expect for Invitational Meet:

-Parents and swimmers will sit together in a staging area (usually a gym)

-Bring chairs and blankets to sit on

-Bring entertainment (it can get long between events)

-Swimmers are permitted to leave once they have completed their races

-Swimmers choose what events to swim and an additional fee is required

-Pack extra towels (one for each event swimming plus one for warm up), goggles and caps

-Pack plenty of water and healthy snacks

-Pack money for concessions stands and admission if applicable

*When an event is called to seeding room swimmers will go in to line up. At this time parents can make their way out to the pool area to watch the race.  After the race is over the swimmers and parents can return to the staging area.