Goal Forms


There are several life lessons that can be learned from participating on a swim team. Setting goals and then pursuing them throughout the course of a season is a skill that carries over to success in school, and later on in a career.

Swimming is both an individual sport and a team sport.  The coach has goals for the team like winning various meets or winning certain age groups at SENECYs.  But the individual aspect of goal setting is best represented by improving times and displaying the qualities of good sportsmanship. Each swim meet offers an opportunity to set personal best times in one or more events and with cheering on your team mates.  Time improvement comes partially from getting into better physical condition each week, and partially from stroke technique improvement.

Goal setting is an important process that requires the interaction of the swimmer, parent and coach.  The coach that will assist you in setting your goals will be based upon your age group.  A breakdown of the age group mentor coaches can be found on the Contact Page. Setting goals is based on the age and competitive experience of the swimmer.  Swimmers and parents need to remember that each child has individualized strengths, athletic abilities and experiences in the water, so all goals are individualized to reflect that.

Your Mentor Coach has a list of your best times which will assist you in determining your swimming goals.

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