Position Name Phone Email
Head Coach Jim Knapp 401.862.4498 [email protected]
YMCA Aquatic Director Karissa Ford 401.596.2894 x102 [email protected]
YMCA Branch Director Sarah Lufler 401.596.2894 [email protected]
Booster President Eric Belanger 401.368.0300 [email protected]
Booster Vice President Tammy Armitage 401.741.4051 [email protected]
Booster Treasurer Elise vonHousen 401.596.2955 [email protected]
Booster Secretary Ryan Schoen 415.717.9702 [email protected]


Age Group Mentors (for setting goals and providing post race feedback to swimmers)
Age Group Mentor Coach Mentor Email
8 & Under Lisa McCabe [email protected]
9 - 10 John Brunelle [email protected]
11 - 12 Cathy Burke [email protected] 
13 - 14 Eric Hultgren [email protected]
15 - 18 Jim Knapp [email protected]