Apparel orders placed at OSU... All but a very few of the apparel orders shipped last week. We apologize for the delay, but there were many more orders than originally expected.


The link to the photographs from Zones. When you see the list of GLZ_Exx_Hxx, the E relates to the Event and the H relates to the heat. Remember to order by March 31 to get the YMCA discount!


A couple of pictures from the event. A big thank you to the volunteer timers and officials helping out at the meet. Thank you for visiting Columbus!



Congratulations to Birmingham for winning the 2007 Great Lake Zone Championship meet. Here is an Adobe Acrobat PDF of the meet results, and a PDF of the age group high point results. We look forward to seeing you next year at Cleveland State. Mark you calendars for March 14, 15 and 16. 2008! If you have comments about this year's meet, please use the Feedback button on the bottom right. Thank you for your participation and attendance at the meet!


From the 8 Central Ohio YMCA teams hosting the event, welcome to Columbus! We hope you enjoy your visit. Be sure to check out the Real-Time Results (just to the left) to see how your team mates are doing at the meet!


Session Timeline represents the approximate time events will start. An early start to a session may mean the timeline is accelerated.


Coaches notes. With the tremendous response, please let your swimmers know that they can basically bring a swim bag on deck. No chairs, blankets, pillows or sleeping bags. There will be bleachers all the way around the pool. Facility Notes from OSU.


Psyche sheet posted.


Team Athlete/Entry Counts for quick entry confirmation.


If you need an address for a Purchase Order, please use:

Columbus North YMCA

Attn: Great Lakes Zones 2007

1640 Sandalwood Pl 

Columbus, OH  43229


COACHES - The listing of coach certifications is as current as possible. If your name is not in a background color, one or more of your certifications is out of date for Zones. You must get a copy of both sides of your card to Jon Reidler (best is FAX to 614-751-1333 before 3 PM). Deck access is based on coaches on this list. Late fees will apply to certifications received via FAX or at the meet.


OFFICIALS - The response of officials has been "underwhelming." For five sessions, we have 14 names of officials. We missed an opportunity to get the meet USA Swimming observed for lack of officials. The Team Volunteer Assignments is how this meet operates. Because of the size of the meet, OSU asked us to carefully control who is on deck. Thus the registration for officials. PLEASE review your list of assignments and give an update to Dave Shull. The host teams have over 150 volunteer slots for the meet, can you meet your obligation for an official and timer or two?


TEAM REGISTRATION closes on 3/10. Entries will be excluded and swimmers unable to participate.


Apparel Order deadline has passed. You can still purchase apparel at the meet.


Columbus has several large events in town the weekend of Zones (NCAA first round and finals of High School basketball). Hotel rooms are becoming scarce. Most of the hotel blocks listed on the website expire by March 2.  So get your reservations in soon!



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