North at Trotwood


Live Stream (North): this is a whole event pass (all sessions),  and is a "family pass" can be shared with family up to 5 logins per account


Volunteer Assignments - posted 3/18


Waiver (for non-athletes) - posted 3/18


Online health assessment that EVERY ATTENDEE will need to fill out for each day they attend.   The waiver for non-athletes is for volunteers to sign acknowledging they know the risks of attending.


Entrance to facility: Door 39 is the entry door to enter the facility (not the door behind the natatorium)


Warm Up Assignments - posted 3/18


Psych Sheet - posted 3/18

Friday Heat Sheet - posted 3/18

  • Combined events: Friday  101/102 - 400IM and 105/106 - 200 Backstroke

Saturday AM Heat Sheet - posted 3/18

Saturday PM Heat Sheet - posted 3/18

Sunday AM Heat Sheet - posted 3/18

Sunday PM Heat Sheet - posted 3/18


Deck Flow - posted 3/18

(same as what we used for conference and sectional meets. this works well)

  • Swimmers enter pool through center gates
  • Proceed to blocks
  • Swim race, please keep any post-race coaching to a minimum and have athletes exit the pool deck promptly
  • Exit through the locker room. 
  • Only 2 heats on the swim deck at time: Active heat and heat on-deck behind blocks.
  • We will have a race in the water,  next heat behind the blocks,  the next heat staged at center gate.   That heat will be released to the blocks at the start of the race 2 heats ahead of them.
  • Warm up/Warm down pool will be open.  please do not congregate or socialize in the pool. 5 - 6 swimmers per lane


Officials: Use this online signup sign link to all interested officials from your team.  We'll try to accommodate as many as we can, signing up is not a guarantee of assignment. - posted 3/18






Meet Packet (North): North teams swimming at Trotwood for 11-12 & 13-14 Champs


Event file for Coaches (North): North team swimming at Trotwood for 11-12 & 13-14 Champs


Deadline for receipt of entries: Wednesday, March 10, 2021 at 7pm.


Certificate of Insurance: 2 are required

  1. for Trotwood
  2. for Southwest OH YMCA Swim League

Directions for COI and information required and Sample COI

Deadline for COI to be received via email: Wednesday, 2/24/21





Online ordering Instructions:

1. Click on T- Shirts / Sweatshirts 
2. Click on desired shirt Icon(s)
3. Click on Add to Shopping Cart
4. Type in Quantities wanted in box under the size & Color / Click on Update Cart 
5. Click on Submit Shopping Cart,  To Continue Shopping,  click on Add More Products   ( right hand corner ).
6. Fill in INFO, Click on PAYPAL Link. 

NOTE: Apparel will not be sold onsite.  Deadline for all orders: April 1st