Central at Miami


Final results (Central; PDF file)  - posted 3/22


Livestream - - posted 3/16


Access to facility (for all attendees): Everyone enters through the wet classroom on the South side of the building, street level. (It's near the indoor leisure pool through the gate.) Everyone must complete the online daily health assessment prior to arriving at Miami.  - posted 3/16


Friday Heat Sheet - posted 3/18

13-14 Heat Sheet for Sat and Sun - posted 3/18

11-12 Heat Sheet for Sat and Sun - posted 3/18

Combined events for the meet are: 233 & 234 11-12 200 Fly; 313 & 314 13-14 1650 Free and 333 & 334 11-12 1000 Free


Warm Up Schedule - posted 3/19


Estimated Timeline - posted 3/16 (not final; times are approximate)

  • The start time on Saturday afternoon for the PM is correct. There is a college meet in between sessions
  • Please note that the Sunday AM session will be approx. 20min. shorter than the estimated finish time as we will be combining heats of the 1650 Free. Breaks have not been decided yet so that may alter the timeline slightly.




Meet Packet (Central): for Central teams swimming at Miami Univ for 11-12 & 13-14 Champs - updated 3/9 (Referee change to conform with USA rules only)


Event File for Coaches (Central): for Central teams swimming at Miami Univ for 11-12 & 13-14 Champs


Deadline for receipt of entries: Wednesday, March 10, 2021 at 7 pm.






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NOTE: Apparel will not be sold onsite.  Deadline for all orders: April 1st