South Champs 2022




  • Friday night at PCY
  • Saturday and Sunday 11 & O Prelims AND 11 & O Finals at PCY
  • Saturday and Sunday 10 & U Timed Finals at ME Lyons


We will also follow the COVID policies at each facility. For example: If the facility protocol requires a face mask, we will follow their policy.


Warm Up - SOUTH at PCY - A Champs 2022 - posted 3/2/22

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Timeline Estimates - SOUTH at PCY and ABLY - posted 3/2/22

Click here for estimated timelines at PCY for 11&O and 10&U at ABLY


South Champs Volunteer Assignments - updated 2/23 & posted 2/24/2022

  • AM sessions for A Champs are split by gender at PCY (11 & O).  The splitting of the AM sessions was done to be sure we had room for spectators in the Bubble.   
  • Afternoon sessions at ME Lyons are not split by gender. 
  • Friday night and the two nights of finals are not split.  


Virtual Coaches Meeting at ABLY for 10 & Unders - SOUTH - posted 3/2/22

Virtual Coaches Meeting at PCY for 11 & Overs and Friday night - SOUTH - posted 3/2/22


Additional Information about A Champs SOUTH at PCY and ABLY from our Meet Director


  • Friday: we swim timed finals at PCY with an assigned-lanes warm up start time of 4:30, with sprints in the competition pool from 5 to 5:10. Devotion by LAKY. Meet start time at 5:20.
  • Saturday and Sunday:
    • we are swimming a girls session first, followed by the boys. Each day, the girls warm up in assigned lanes from 7:30 to 7:50, with sprints from 7:50 to 8:00. Devotion on Saturday by ABLY and on Sunday by RC Durr. Meet starts at 8:10.
    • The boys warm up from 10:50 to 11:10, with sprints from 11:10 to 11:20. Devotion on Saturday by RC Durr and on Sunday by BASH. Meet starts at 11:30.
    • For the 10 & unders, they swim timed finals at ME Lyons each day (except LAKY is at CY). These sessions are not divided by gender. Warm ups to be announced. On Saturday, devotion by PCY; on Sunday, devotion by RC Durr. Meet starts at 12 noon.
    • For finals at PCY, we have a long open warm up period of 5:00 to 5:50, with sprints from 5:50 to 6:00. Devotion on Saturday by BASH; by PCY on Sunday.  Meet starts at 6:10.

No coaches meeting.  Attached are the virtual coaches notes for each site.

At both sites, spectators are permitted. Masks are optional.