Leadership Camp
YMCA Swimming Leadership Development Camp: Coaches Track
The coaches track provides newer YMCA coaches with an opportunity to further develop their own leadership skills, consider decision-making challenges, explore leadership pathways in the YMCA, learn from experienced YMCA coaches and work with national level YMCA athletes. Some workshops will be in a small group and others will be in conjunction with the athletes’ learning sessions. Coach participants will be on deck to observe and assist with the workout sessions for the athletes as well. Following the camp experience, coach participants will have the opportunity to continue to be mentored by the experienced YMCA coaches leading the camp.
The Leadership Development Camp was held October 11-14, 2018 in Orlando, FL. Dates for 2019 have not yet been announced.
2018 Participants:
Corey Matthews - Ocean County YMCA (NJ)
Melissa Nelson - Southdale YMCA (MN)
Michaella Williamson - Ann Arbor YMCA (MI)
Suzi Boccanfuso - YMCA of Southern Maine (ME)