Our Culture

The Culture of




Swimmers First Mindset

A swimmers first culture starts with the coaching staff placing the best interests of the swimmer ahead of his or her own.  Our coaches look at each swimmer individually and determine their needs based on what they witness and hear from the athletes.  Athletes are pushed to their limits, not for the recognition of the team or coach, but for the individual's own satisfaction and personal development.  This goes far beyond just what the athlete accomplishes in the pool.  This is all about forming leaders in life.  We like to keep our swimmers happy because, like you will often hear us say, "A happy swimmer is a fast swimmer."



Mindful & Purposeful Training

We strongly believe that if something is worth doing, it is also worth doing to the best of your ability.  Our coaches mindfully design each workout with a specific purpose in mind, and teach our swimmers to bring the same concentrated effort to every stroke, of every set, of every practice they attend.  We would rather our swimmers practice 100 meters of great technique, than 1,000 meters done with mediocrity.  Similarly, we would rather have an athlete have one really great practice a week, than eight average ones.



Become the Best Version of Yourself


"Six Months to Eternity"

Imagine if in 6 months the person that you are becomes who you are for the rest of your life.  Your same problems, same health, same self-esteem, same everything.  For forever.  How hard would you work to become what you believe in your heart you are capable of becoming?  This is your call to action!