We thought you'd never ask!


What do we need to bring to practice?

Everyone needs = Goggles, Fins, Towel, Athletic Clothes and Athletic Shoes.

Additional Equipment: 

Elite and Varsity Groups = Snorkel, Paddles, Pull Buoy, Mesh Bag



What is your weather policy?

Rain = The pool is open. We still have practice.

Thunder/Lightning = The pool is closed. We still have practice INDOORS: Bring athletic clothes and athletic shoes for the Field House. 

**If practice does need to be canceled, we will email you 30-60 minutes before practice time.**



Do we have to compete in swim meets?

We do not require participation in swim meets. However, we will have smaller meets at our facility, which is a great way for our swimmers to try racing in a more comfortable setting.



FYI, my child is involved in other activities...

That's great! We want our swimmers to be well-rounded athletes, and we are thrilled that swimming is important to you. We will do anything we can to make sure you have a place to swim.