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Duke Diving Club's Success Stories

Huge potential to dive in College

The NCAA state that "Many boys and girls grow up dreaming of playing sports in college and the pro ranks. But of the nearly eight million students currently participating in high school athletics in the United States, only 460,000 of them will compete at NCAA schools"

It has been recorded that the probability of competing in athletics beyond High School is extremely low:

Baseball- 6.9% High School athletes will play in college

Women's basketball- 3.2% High School athletes will play in college

Football- 6.8% High School athletes will play in college


Our divers defy that rule, since the formation of Duke Diving Club in 2013 our stats look like this

80% of our graduates dive in college


75% of them are receiving an athletic scholarship


Congratulations to our Seniors who have committed as student-athletes at Universities countrywide.

Kristen Hayden -  University of Michigan.

“My feelings towards committing to the University of Michigan is pure exhilaration.  I can not be more pleased with my decision.  On the other hand, it will be difficult to say my farewells to the Duke Diving Team.  I have been on the Duke Team for almost two years, and the coaches Nunzio and Katie, were integral parts in making me a better diver.  I currently practice with Katie in the morning and both coaches in the afternoon.  The work and time they have invested allowed me to acquire one of the hardest 3m lists in the country.  Due to their help, I now have the opportunity to represent a prestigious university not only know for it’s academics, but also their stellar athletic program.  I am truly blessed.  GO BLUE!”


Connor Callahan -  University of California Berkley

“Moving all the way across the country to dive at the University of California Berkley is very bitter sweet.  On one hand I cannot wait to start a new chapter in my life.  I can’t wait to experience a whole new world and develop into the person I will become.  But on the flip side I’m very sad to be leaving the people in my life that made all of my dreams possible.  Words can’t describe how thankful I am for my parents supporting me and pushing me to be my best.  When I leave I’ll be leaving behind two of the most influential people in my life, Katie and Nunzio.  As my coaches they have not only made me a better diver but also a better person.  They have taught me the true dedication of hard work and the rewards of perseverance.  Through good days and bad days they stuck by my side and never gave up on me.  Thank you for everything you two have done for me and my life”


Quinn DeVal - Ohio State University

“I’m incredibly happy to have been accepted to the Ohio State University.  I could not have done it without all the help I received from my friends and family.  Thank you so much for making this possible.  Thank you especially to Katie and Nunzio for bearing with me through diving and never giving up on me.  I cannot wait to begin a new part of my life in Ohio”


James Brady - NC State

“I am really excited to be moving on to College Diving. I have decided to become a part of the Wolfpack at NC State. Last year the team was the number 7 Men’s Swimming and Diving program in the NCAA. The team is on fire this year and hoping to move up in the standings. I am proud to be a part of Yahya Radman’s 1st recruiting class. The Pack has big plans and I plan on being able to contribute the day I walk in the door, which is really motivating to me.

I will miss my Duke Diving Club team and the coaches that have gotten me to where I am today. I love this program and the coaches and teammates are like family to me. Luckily, I will not be too far. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at USA diving meets and hope if any of you all find yourselves in Raleigh you will come to a meet and see all of the excitement surrounding the Pack. I am proud to call North Carolina my home and am happy to be a part of the NC State community”


Duke Divers in College:

  • Anthony Galante (Pittsburgh)

  • Elissa Dawson (UNC)

  • Gracia Laydon Mahoney (Stanford)

  • Scottie Kent (ECU)

  • Aaron Daniels Freeman (Ohio State)

  • Max Showalter (Purdue)

  • Dylan Johnson (UNCW)

  • Andrew Breedlove (UNCW)

  • Connor Callahan (Cal Berkley)

  • James Brady (NC State)

  • Jordan Windle (Texas)

  • Quinn DeVal (Ohio State)

  • Andrew Capobianco (Indiana)

  • ‚ÄčLindsay Ruderman (Amherst)

  • Joel Keefer (Drexel)

  • Holt Gray (NC State)

  • Grace Cable (Tennessee)

  • Alyssa Wang (Indiana)

  • Carmen Hernandez (Indiana)

  • Allie Hallstrand (Liberty)

  • Zoe Smith (Bowling Green)

  • Clara Tate (NC State)

  • Claire McDaniels (Pittsburgh)

National & International Success

Duke Diving has a number of the best divers in the United States and the World training with us.

  • Abby Johnson.  In 2012 Abby won a silver medal at the London Olympic Games, she is also a multiple National and NCAA Champion.  Abby was a finalist in the women's 3 meter at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. It doesn't get much better than that!

  • Jordan Windle.  Jordan has won 8 National Titles and represented the U.S on numerous occasions. He was 4th individually at the USA Olympic Trials.  Jordan placed 4th individually on platform at the Puerto Rico Grand Prix in 2016 and teamed up with David Dinsmore to finish 2nd in Syncro Platform. Jordan has been named to the 2016 USA Diving Senior National Team.

  • Andrew Capobianco.  In 2014 Andrew was National Champion on all three boards and returned to Nationals in 2015 and won the 16-18 boys 10m event and in 2014 represented US in the Junior World Championships. In 2016, Andrew was once again National Champion on platform and senior 3 meter.  He has been named to the 2016 USA Diving Tier II High-Performance Squad.

  • Grace Cable.  Grace has been National Champion on both the 3m and Platform event and in 2014 represented in the Junior World Championships. Grace has been named to the 2016 USA Diving Junior National Squad. National Champion on platform 2017, Junior Pan Am team 2017

  • Toby Stanley.   Toby has won numerous National Championships in the 10m synchronized event.  He has represented USA Diving on numerous occasions including at the World Championships.

  • Andrew Gawin Parigini, James Brady, Aaron Daniels Freeman all have won National Championships medals

  • Andrew Capobianco, Andrew Gawin, Holt Gray, Grace Cable, Alyssa Wang, Tea Bowers, Charlotte Norman, Megan Iannon, Ashton Zuburg, Claire McDaniels, Cameron Cash, Avery Worobel all qualified and competed at the USA Diving National Championships in 2016.

  • ‚ÄčAvery Worobel, National Champion 1 meter, 3 meter and platform 2017, Junior Pan Am team 2017