First Day of Practice

Where to Meet & park?

We will meet you in the IM Building or the pool, depending on the day you attend your first class. Instructions will be emailed to you. Below is a map showing the IM building in relation to the blue zone parking.

















For your free trial, please park in one of the visitor lots on campus or check the About Duke Diving page for instructions to obtain a temporary Blue Zone Parking Pass.  There are a few ungated parking spaces along Whitford Drive, as well as the Science Drive Visitor Lot and the Bryan Center Parking Deck accessible off of Science Drive.  Another area for ungated parking spaces is along Frank Basset Drive, this is about a 4-minute walk to the gym, which you walk around the stadium and into the blue zone.  

Parking Pass

Please look under the About Duke Diving/Parking for information on obtaining a temporary parking pass.

What do you need to bring?

Your child will need shorts and T-shirt for the dryland session and a swimsuit for the pool session.  All participants must be able to swim 15 meters, be confident in deep water without goggles.

Where do the parents sit during class?

We have a small seating area in the gym and a balcony in the pool.  Parents are free to watch dryland and pool.  However, we ask you stay within the seating area provided.

What can we expect from Duke Diving Lessons?

During lessons, he/she will be taught the basic skills and techniques in becoming a diver. For each practice, 45 minutes will be spent in our dryland facility utilizing a spring floor, multiple dry boards and trampoline. We will work at strengthening the core muscle group of the body, and learning how to correctly take off the board for each group of dives. An additional 45 minutes will be spent in the pool where the divers will build upon and perfect the skills they’ve learned in the gym. We will strive towards teaching your child a series of skills and evaluate them on those skills every two months.


Your child will work through Duke Diving Levels.  Once divers have shown proficiency at each level, they will advance to the next stage in the program. At the conclusion of the Lesson levels, your child will be eligible to join a different program within Duke Diving. At this point, one of the coaches will communicate with you how your child has progressed, where we see fit for your child, and what the options and further steps are for your child to continue within the program. A list of each level and the skills associated with that level can be found on the Learn to Dive Awards Scheme tab under lessons.